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Physical Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

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1 Physical Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa


3 Serengeti Plain Tropical Grassland Northern Tanzania
It’s dry climate and hard soil prevent the growth of trees and many crops, but they are perfect for growing grass It is the place where the largest numbers of land mammals still make annual migrations



6 Mountains Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain
Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro are both volcanoes Volcanic activity also produced the Ethiopian Highlands and Mount Cameroon in West Africa Volcanic rock covers the Great Escarpment in Southern Africa An escarpment is a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on the top



9 Rift Valleys East Africa
As continental plates pulled apart over millions of years, huge cracks appeared in the earth The land then sunk to form long, thin valleys called rift valleys Stretch over 4,000 miles


11 Great Lakes in Africa Cluster of lakes formed at the bottoms of some of the rift valleys Lake Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in the world Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake and the world’s second largest lake



14 Kalahari Desert Located in Southern Africa
Does receive small amounts of rainfall Temperatures in the summer are very hot

15 Sahel A narrow band of dry grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the Sahara People use the land for farming and herding


17 Rivers The 2,900-mile-long Congo River forms the continent’s largest network of waterways The Niger River begins in West Africa and flows north toward the Sahara, where it forms an interior delta and turns to the southeast It then cuts through Nigeria and forms another huge delta as it empties into the Gulf of Guinea



20 Tropical Zone Tropics - Africa has largest tropical area of any continent - 90% of Africa lies between tropics of Cancer & Capricorn - High temperatures year around

21 Rain Forest The major rain forests of Africa sit on the equator in the area of the Congo Basin One square acre of rain forest can contain almost 100 different kinds of trees Because the canopy (upper layer of branches) is so thick with plants, leaves, and trees, the air below the canopy is so hot and humid that vegetation quickly decomposes




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