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Australian Oyster Industry

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1 Australian Oyster Industry

2 Sidney rock oyster historical farm

3 Close-up of historical farm

4 Oyster spat collection sticks

5 Used oyster collection sticks

6 Oyster collection sticks

7 Spat collecting racks

8 Close-up spat collecting racks

9 Suspension racks in grow-out site

10 Stacks for supporting grow-out racks

11 Constructing grow-out racks

12 Primary work boat for Australian oyster industry.

13 Transporting oysters to processing plants

14 Oysters on sticks in processing plant

15 Oysters in processing plant

16 Oysters detached from sticks

17 Detached oysters graded according to size

18 Trays used for culturing detached oysters

19 Ozone depuration plant, Port Stephens, Australia

20 Ozone depuration plant

21 Baskets of oysters in depuration tanks

22 Oysters in depuration tanks

23 Flooding oysters with ozonated water

24 Oysters in depuration tank

25 Close-up of oysters undergoing depuration

26 Residue from flushing depuration tank

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