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TDL Electronic Journals Creating an Online Scholarly Journal using OJS Kristi Park Texas Digital Library

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1 TDL Electronic Journals Creating an Online Scholarly Journal using OJS Kristi Park Texas Digital Library

2 Welcome and Introduction Welcome TDL members! Goals Get comfortable in the OJS interface Set up a basic OJS journal and create a first issue (Journal Manager and Editor roles) Gain a general understanding of other roles (Author, Reviewer, Section Editor, etc.) Reference : Journals on the TDL Wiki: OJS in An Hour 2.2.0 2

3 Todays agenda Intro E-journals, OJS, and the TDL Section 1: The Basics Roles in the OJS world Features of an OJS journal Claiming an e-journal Section 2: Setup Configuring the e-journal Section 3: Editorial Process Creating an issue 3

4 What is OJS? OJS = Open Open Journal Systems Open source software Open Access OJS = Online Online submission Online management Online publication OJS = Scholarly peer-review compatible OJS = Non-technical (mostly) 4

5 OJS and the TDL Integrated with TDL Web site and other services Multiple journals supported on one OJS installation TDL is Site Administrator for all TDL journals 5

6 The TDL Electronic Press All TDL e-journals: 6

7 E-journals and the TDL mission Transformation of scholarly communication in the 21 st century Tools for doing and publishing scholarship that increase access Other TDL tools BlogsRepositories WikisETD management Conference management 7

8 Section1 :The Basics OJS features; OJS roles and editorial processes; OJS from a readers perspective; Claiming a journal 8

9 OJS Features Editor control Comprehensive indexing Reading Tools E-mail notification and commenting ability for readers Context-sensitive Help Open Access or Subscription Models (TDL encourages Open Access journals) 9

10 Roles Site administrator (TDL) Journal Manager Editor Section editor Copyeditor Layout editor Proofreader And lest we forget… Authors Reviewers Readers 10

11 Task: Explore a TDL journal OJS from a readers perspective 11 Spend a few minutes exploring one of the following TDL Electronic Journals: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Journal of Digital Information Journal of Texas Women Writers

12 12

13 13

14 Reading Tools Ways of searching for related works 14

15 About the Journal 15

16 Register for a journal STEP 1: From journal page, click Register. STEP 2: Enter login credentials. STEP 3: Select roles. 16

17 Task: Register Register yourself as a Reader and Author for a TDL e-journal. Register as a READER and AUTHOR for TDL Training Journal. Use the Student User login credentials on your handout. 17

18 Claiming a journal Go to the TDL Contact form and choose I want to request a new electronic journal. 18 Or e-mail TDL at

19 Section 2: Setup How to configure a new journal as Journal Manager 19

20 Initial Five-step setup 1.Details 2.Policies 3.Submissions 4.Management 5.The Look 20

21 Journal Setup Step 1: Details General info Titles Print and online ISSN DOI prefix Address Contact information Publisher Sponsoring organization(s) SEO 21

22 Journal Setup Step 2: Policies Focus and Scope Peer review policies Journal Archiving (LOCKSS) Potential reviewer databases 22

23 Review Process models 23

24 Archiving: LOCKSS Option to enable LOCKSS archiving LOCKSS – Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe OJS instructions for recruiting libraries to register and cache your journal Includes e-mail templates 24

25 Journal Setup Step 3: Submissions Author guidelines Submission prep checklist Copyright Notice Competing Interests policy (biomedical journals) Indexing guidelines Metadata harvesting 25

26 Metadata Harvesting Register journal with the PKP metadata harvester Collects metadata, enabling searching on OAI-PMH sites Provides wider dissemination of journal **TDL Electronic Press is not registered with the PKP harvester, but is registered with other harvesters like OAIster.** 26

27 Journal Setup Step 4: Management Access and security settings Publication schedule Identification of journal content Unique identifiers for DOI registration Page numbering Announcements Instructions and templates for copyeditors, layout editors, and proofreaders 27

28 Copyeditor, Layout editor, and Proofreader roles These roles do not have to be staffed by distinct people Can be undertaken by the editor or section editor 28

29 Journal Setup Step 5: The Look Add homepage header and content Add journal page headers and footers Add an item to the navigation bar Move blocks of information between the left and right sidebars Edit info for Readers, Authors, and Librarians 29

30 Further customizations OJS stylesheet Customizing OJS OJS Technical Reference Examples of customized OJS journal sites 30

31 Task: Setup You are the Journal Manager Time: ~30 minutes Log in to your assigned test journal using the login credentials on your handout. Take your journal through the 5-step setup process. Use files in OJS training folder on your desktop. Image files Layout template 31

32 A Journal Managers work is never done… Journal Sections Masthead Prepared e-mails Reading tools Plugins Export/Import data 32

33 Create sections 33 Click Save. Click Edit section.

34 Masthead 34

35 Task: Other journal configuration tasks Explore other Management Pages of the Journal management menu 35 Time = 10-15 minutes Add an announcement. Create journal sections. Create a masthead. Alter prepared e-mails. Activate the Reading Tools. Take a look at the available system plugins.

36 User management Users Enrolled in this Journal Edit user accounts, log in as other users, remove users, or disable accounts Enroll existing users into new roles (editor, reviewer, etc.) E-mail multiple users at once One thing you cant do: create a new user 36

37 PSA about users and the TDL Electronic Press There is one user database across all TDL journals. One user may be enrolled in multiple journals Cant edit account or log in as these users Access to sitewide list of users (JMs only) Even in the labs OJS, you are seeing the LIVE user database -- use caution when enrolling! 37

38 38 List of all users enrolled in any TDL journal

39 Task: Enroll users for your journal Staff Section Editor role 39 Time: 5-10 minutes Enroll Sven Sectioneditor as Section Editor

40 Section 3: The Editorial Process Creating an issue of your journal 40

41 OJS Editorial Processes ProcessRoles Submissions queueAuthor; Editor Submission reviewEditor or Section Editor; Reviewer Submission editingEditor or Section Editor; Copyeditor; Layout Editor; Proofreader Scheduling queueEditor Table of ContentsEditor 41

42 Author submission Author must be registered with journal as Author 5-step process Start – copyright agreement, submission checklist, etc. Enter metadata Upload submission Upload supplementary files Confirm submission

43 Step 1: Start the submission

44 Step 1: Start the submission, cont.

45 Step 2: Enter metadata

46 Step 2: Enter metadata, cont.


48 Step 3: Upload the submission (before)

49 Step 3: Upload the submission (after)

50 Step 4: Upload supplementary files

51 Step 5: Confirm the submission

52 Finished!

53 Shortcut: Expediting Submission Skip the Review & Editing queues and submit a proof-ready article. Must be enrolled as both EDITOR and AUTHOR Use 5-step Author submission Upload proof-ready document (PDF file, etc.) 53

54 Expediting Submission, cont. After completing Step 5, choose option to place submission directly in the last stage of the Editing queue. 54 Submission will appear as the INITIAL COPYEDIT file and as a GALLEY file.

55 Task: Make an author submission Submit an article to TDL Training Journal 55 Submit an article to the TDL Training Journal. Go to the TDL Electronic Press (labs) page: Under TDL Training Journal, select AUTHOR. Complete the 5-step process. Use docs in desktop folder for upload.

56 The Editor 56

57 Unassigned submissions 57

58 Submission summary 58

59 Sub- mission Review Process 59

60 Task: Send submission for review Select and notify reviewer for an article submission in the submission queue. 60 Assign two unassigned articles to editors -assign first to Sven Sectioneditor -assign second to yourself For the second submission, assign to a reviewer and send e-mail notification.

61 What the reviewer sees: e-mail with link 61

62 What the Reviewer sees: in the system 62

63 What Reviewer Sees in the system (pt. 2) 63 Recommendation options: Accept submission Accept submission Revisions required Revisions required Resubmit for review Resubmit for review Resubmit elsewhere Resubmit elsewhere Decline submission Decline submission See comments. See comments.

64 Back to the Editor 64

65 Task: Editor decision Accept a submission and send for copyediting 65

66 Editing Process Copyediting Scheduling Layout Proofreading 66

67 Copyediting 67

68 Scheduling 68 To Be Assigned Current Issues Future Issues Back Issues

69 Layout 69

70 Proofreading 70

71 Task: Prepare and upload galleys Make PDFs out of Word docs for production-ready proofs. 71

72 Creating an Issue 72

73 Create Issue 73

74 Add Items to an Issue Go back to Editor Home Look at submission In Editing Select the item you wish to add to the issue and go to the editing tab. Add it to your issue under SCHEDULING and hit RECORD. 74

75 Publish an issue 75

76 Publish an issue (cont.) 76

77 Task: Create and publish an issue Create an issue, assign articles, and publish! 77

78 Getting Found: Developing a Readership Indexes Commercial indexes (e.g. Web of Science, PsycInfo) Open databases Open indexes (e.g. PubMed, ERIC) Directories (e.g. DOAJ) Search Engines (e.g. Google) Metadata Harvesters (e.g. OAIster) Your library The media Professional networks 78

79 Getting Found, cont. Produce a professional, high-quality journal Use secure hosting (TDL servers!) Create a professional layout Recruit some big names Register for standardized journal identifiers (ISSN, DOI) Most importantly… Keep a reliable publication schedule Publish the highest-quality content possible – quality is more important than quantity. For more: Getting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact by Kevin StranackGetting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact 79

80 Finding help E-journals in the TDL Wiki –– OJS Web site – OJS Editorial Support and Discussion Forums 0c605226806b0 0c605226806b0 TDL Helpdesk Web form: http://support.tdl.org E-mail: 80

81 More info Contact Info: Kristi Park – 512-495-4417 Ryan Steans – 512-495-4403 81

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