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1 Strategies and Solutions for Independent Living / Estrategias y Soluciones Para Vivir Independientemente / Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 Jane Vincent Center for Accessible Technology

2 Project Purpose Engage underserved populations in thinking and talking about assistive technology – Broadest definition Create a statewide training model

3 A Guide to Easier Living with Technology Published March 2009. Also available online: AGuidetoEasierLivingwithTechnology.html Provides information on a variety of AT that can be used throughout the day Oriented towards elders but relevant to most individuals

4 Presentation agenda Introduction Examples from each chapter of the Senior Guide Information on national/state resources Presentation by local resource

5 Presentation focus Low-tech Free or under $20 Strategies as well as products Adherence to Senior Guide Multiple opportunities for interaction

6 Audience challenges Multi-lingual Skeptical about relevance and effectiveness Variable attention span

7 The Training

8 Some solutions you may have encountered Costly Complex Popular Hard to find

9 Solutions were talking about today Free/low cost Simple Easy to find Personalized Ingenious!

10 When might solutions be helpful? Waking up Eating Writing Visiting friends Shopping Relaxing Going to bed basically, any time!

11 Waking up Vibrating/flashing alarm clocks Grab bars Caddies What else?

12 Grooming Lighted mirrors Makeup by feel Magnetic clasps Velcro What else?

13 Cooking Card inventory Jar/can openers Long oven mitts Fabric paint What else?

14 Transportation Seat belt handles Swivel seats Paratransit What else?

15 Shopping Bag handles Rolling walkers Folding currency What else?

16 Dining Duct tape and foam Dycem Bent utensil handles What else?

17 Homemaking Dryer opener Grabbers Extended handles What else?

18 Technology Cell phone magnifier Viewing options on computers Mouse alternatives What else?

19 Hobbies Crochet hooks Gardening kneelers Easy-thread needles What else?

20 Entertainment Hand-held magnifiers Dime store amplifiers Gooseneck lamps What else?

21 Bedtime Wedges Remote light switches Pill reminders What else?

22 What else would you like to know?

23 A Guide To Easier Living With Technology Stories of individuals who use assistive technology Examples of specific strategies and products Lists of nationwide resources

24 Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT) 2547 8 th St. #12-A Berkeley, CA 94710 510-841-3224 x115 – CforAT provides demonstrations and evaluations for assistive computer technology, and information on a variety of technology accessibility topics. Local Resources

25 Oakland Public Library Lynne Cutler, Extended Services Coordinator 659 14th Street Oakland, CA 94612 510-238-4974 – Extended Services include longer borrowing times, ability to check out more items at a time, and ability to authorize one or two others to check out materials for you. The Library system also has several computers with assistive technology installed. Local Resources (cont.)

26 Local Resources (cont.) Center for Independent Living 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 320 Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 763-9999 – Assisting individuals to live as independently as possible by identifying their need for assistive technology devices or services and locating resources.

27 Thank You! / ¡Gracias! /

28 Partnerships AT Network – Rosemarie Punzalan (San Bernardino) Independent Living Centers – Sheila Loftus, Rolling Start (San Bernardino) – Owen Camarco, RIL (Sacramento) Libraries – Lynne Cutler, Oakland Public Library Translators – Miryam Lara, San Bernardino – Eva Molina, Sacramento – Agnes Chang, Oakland

29 AT Network is a project under the leadership of the Alliance for Technology Access and funded by the Department of Rehabilitation. For Information and Referral contact: 1-800-390-2699 (voice) 1-800-900-0706 (TTY) Email:

30 The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is a growing national and international network of technology resource centers, community-based organizations, agencies, individuals, and companies. For Information and Referral contact: 1-800-914-3017 (voice) 1-707-778-3015 (TTY) Email:

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