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Tools For Individuals Struggling with AD/HD: Organization and Attention The iTECH Center A Program of Parents Helping Parents.

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1 Tools For Individuals Struggling with AD/HD: Organization and Attention The iTECH Center A Program of Parents Helping Parents

2 Your Hosts From Parents Helping Parents iTECH Center… Debbie Drennan– AT Specialist and *Leading Expert in the AT World Special Guest- Agnes *Based on peer-review

3 Overview of Presentation Participants will become aware of; Tools for Organization including; Scheduling Reminders Tasks Tools for Attention/Focus

4 What is AD/HD? DSM IV criteria: Either 6 out of 9 symptoms from A OR 6 out of 9 symptoms from B A: Inattention B: Hyperactivity or Impulsivity

5 Profiles of AD/HD What does this look like? 50-something professional 20-something college female Considerations: Medications Strategies-includes behavior management Assistive Technology

6 Strategies first… Consistency is key! Create new habits Same place for items Same time for routines Use appropriate learning style Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic

7 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Calendars Posting daily schedule/assignments and reviewing daily Websites free for teachers! Google calendars Cozi calendars Printable calendars focus on school age school and household

8 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Calendars Use of Day Planners Day Runners Franklin Covey Hipster PDA Free! -the-hipster-pda -the-hipster-pda Make your own Planner- Free! nner nner Pocket Mod Free!

9 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Lists of tools needed daily posted in prominent place ie, on desk, hanging from door handle, etc Doorganizer $11.99 Doorknob Reminders Magnetic Dry Erase Memo Boards-$5.29 on Amazon

10 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Auditory WatchMinder 3- $69 introductory price On-Task, On-Time for kids $49.95 Visual and auditory cues

11 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Auditory Auditory/Voice Memos for cell phones Iphones: Voice Memo, Android: Unote Voice Recorders Voice Cue ($39) and StepPad ($29)

12 Tools for Scheduling/Reminding Auditory Jott- call the number, they will convert voice message to text and send it to your Voice Candy for Mac ( $12.95)

13 Tools for Organization-Papers Color Coding Tools Highlighters/Highlighter tape Color-coded filing system for papers http://www.organization-makes- http://www.organization-makes- Different colored papers for subject area 3-ring binder, with color coded dividers for each class (DocOA) KidTips by Attainment- has an organizational strategies section

14 Tools for Organization Designated place for homework, items needing attention, etc Way to create filing system for cleaning/organizing the house Utilize a labeler to indicate what goes where in the home/office

15 Internet Organizational Systems Use of checklists, organizational systems that provide reminders teaches kids (and adults!) how to clean and organize their room $15 on-line organizational system-free! Can share with friends, have reminder emails sent assignment calendar Firefox add-ons: Sticky Notes, Hyper Words Google Chrome: ToDo.Ly, The Deadline apps Cloud to do list with reminders

16 Tools for Organization-Meetings Pens LiveScribe: needs special paper, also can capture digital image of notes to transfer to computer $149 http://www.livescribe.com IRISnotes: Take notes with standard paper and this pen, converts them to editable text on computer $129 Audio notetaker: software that helps organize digital audio

17 Tools for Organization Computer Software for organizing notes The NoteTaker (Mac only) $69.95 OneNote by Microsoft (has apps for portability): Part of Microsoft Office Evernote: Digital notebooks, organizational tools in the Zoho: Calendar, notebook, planner, business applications in the

18 Tools for Increasing Attention Instructional Systems Learning systems Play Attention- EEG Biofeedback Interactive Metronome- RoboMemo The Listening Program-

19 Tools for Increasing Attention Software Tools Brain Builder $199.95 LocuTour Attention and Memory v.1, v.2 $129 Sound Smart and Captains Log (subscription)

20 And, for the Young at Heart… Wild Divine video game DanceDance Revolution video game Wild Divine $159.95 Dance Dance Revolution

21 Tools for Increasing Attention Assistive Technology FM listening systems Music CDs that help with concentration Sound Health music tapes $49.95 Medical Resonance Therapy Music Hemi-Sync Attention Series

22 FM Systems Personal systems Classroom systems Can be used with hearing aid

23 Extra Sensory Tools Oral- chewing gum, mints, chewie tools Aural- listening to music, tones, white noise Kinesthetic- Fidgeting, fidget tools Not all tools work for all people! Trial and error, and be aware of learning style.

24 Helpful Web Sites National Resource Center on AD/HD: Program of CHADD Attention Deficit Disorder Association Wrights Law website Website for Learning Disabilities and AD/HD Terry Matlen, ADHD coach, website plus resources and store

25 Parents Helping Parents & iTECH Services Trainings Techsplorations T.I.P program (Early Start ages 0-3) Consultations AAC/Communication expertise Information and referral Toy-switch surgeon Member, AT Network of California Member, Alliance for Technology Access (855)727-5775 toll free

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