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MEDIA AND THE POLITICAL AGENDA 1 C.  What should the function of the media be?  Watchdog  Agenda setter  Is there an obligation, on the part of the.

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2  What should the function of the media be?  Watchdog  Agenda setter  Is there an obligation, on the part of the media, to present objective coverage of issues? Warm-up 2

3 Issue Framing  Interpret this cartoon  What is the message?  Hint  Elephant represents Republicans  Donkey represents Democrats 3

4 Mass Media Today  High tech politics  A politics in which the behavior of citizens and policymakers and the political agenda itself are increasingly shaped by technology. 4

5 Mass Media Today  Mass Media  Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other means of popular communication.  Called mass media bc reaches the masses  In politics, media is used to agenda set  Draw attention to the issues  Who uses the media to agenda set?  Media Events  Events that are purposely staged for the media and that are significant just because the media are there. 5

6 Press Conference  Press conferences  Meetings of public officials with reporters  FDR started presidential press conferences  /video/watch/?id=737 1780n /video/watch/?id=737 1780n  How is President Obama trying to agenda set?  How is he trying to manage media coverage? 6

7 Investigative Journalism  Press revered FDR but the cozy relationship between press and politicians ended in 1960s due to scandals  Detective-like reporting methods to check up on the statements of government officials  Anderson Cooper “Keeping them honest”  Is it important to “keep them honest?”  =relmfu =relmfu Explain John Stewart’s critique of Anderson Cooper’s “Keeping them Honest.” 7

8 Role of Journalists – Rank the categories 8

9 Adversarial Relationship 9  Investigative reporting leads to an adversarial relationship between the media and politicians.  Politicians often attack the media if they don’t like how they are being covered.  “Lamestream media”   Candidates feel the media is unfair, but they also try to manipulate it.

10 The Changing Face of Media 10  The Print Media  Newspapers and magazines  Use of print media is on the decline.  Electronic media  TV, radio, internet  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created in 1934 regulates broadcast media. Independent regulatory agency but budget comes from Congress No single owner can own more than 35 percent of broadcast market In order to receive a broadcasting license a station must serve the public interest

11 From Broadcasting to Narrowcasting: The Rise of Cable and Cable News 11  Narrowcasting Media program on cable TV or Internet that is focused on one topic and aimed at a particular audience. MTV, ESPN, C-SPAN  The Internet  Potential to inform Americans about politics.  Blogs provide additional information about news stories. Mainstream media look at bloggers as illegitimate, because they are not held to the same standard of reporting But they are very influential Daily Beast took over Newsweek  More information is available, but that doesn’t always mean the information is high quality. Can you think of examples?

12 What Gets Attention?  Make a list of all the news stories you’ve heard or read about in the last week.  What makes a topic newsworthy?  For-profit media  Media is biased towards sensationalism and drawing in audiences  Non-profit public media (PBS, NPR) Informing the public 12

13 Move over PAC, here comes the SUPER PAC 13  Stephen Colbert created a SUPER PAC – Citizens for Tomorrow Tomorrow  Colbert explains the difference between a PAC and a Super PAC:  stephen-colbert-explains-difference-between-pacs-and-super-pacs  Ran commercials in Iowa  videos/394431/august-11-2011/super-pac-ad---cornography videos/394431/august-11-2011/super-pac-ad---cornography  videos/394434/august-11-2011/super-pac-ad---rick-perry videos/394434/august-11-2011/super-pac-ad---rick-perry  South Carolina  videos/405930/january-15-2012/colbert-super-pac-ad---attack-in-b- minor-for-strings videos/405930/january-15-2012/colbert-super-pac-ad---attack-in-b- minor-for-strings  videos/406077/january-17-2012/colbert-super-pac-ad---not-abel

14  Video link  video-romney-private-fundraiser video-romney-private-fundraiser  Explanation of why 47% don’t pay taxes  reasons-behind-the-people-who-pay-no-income-tax/ reasons-behind-the-people-who-pay-no-income-tax/  Romney’s response  leaked-video-romney-says-middle-east-peace-process- likely-to-remain-unsolved-problem.html?_r=0 leaked-video-romney-says-middle-east-peace-process- likely-to-remain-unsolved-problem.html?_r=0

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