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Preserving Intellectual Property Rights in the long term CASPAR All Hands Meeting - Rome, 15-16 September 2009 Demo

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1 Preserving Intellectual Property Rights in the long term CASPAR All Hands Meeting - Rome, 15-16 September 2009 Demo

2 Demo Outline Validation of DRM Key Component and Digital Rights Ontology on Contemporary Arts testbeds –INA and CIANT examples ScenarioToolUserResult Creation of Provenance (PDI) data objects Artistic Testbed Community Member 2 RDF files Update of Provenance PDI (i.e. rights) after a change in Copyright Law DRM preservation expert n RDF files 2 2 Scenarios:

3 3 Introduction to the Problem archive content have property rights Many kinds of archive content have property rights on it –Copyright on Literary, Artistic and Scientific Works –Neighbouring Rights (also Related Rights, Sui Generis Rights) on Performances, Databases, SW Programs (Scientific Data), Traditional Culture Expressions (Cultural Data) –Industrial Property Right on Scientific Inventions, Discoveries, Trademarks, Industrial Designs which impose limitations Explicit authorization is required by the right holders or by the Legislation to the actions Distribute, Copy (Reproduce), Modify, License to third parties, … taken by people Taken by the Curator Taken by an End-User

4 Scenario 1 Requirement –To capture and preserve all Provenance events that originated the rights User at INA Life Cycle IPRs Rights Ontology/RDF CIDOC/RDF DRM <use> 4 Objective: User-friendly Creation of PDI (Provenance) 1.Life Cycle of the work Spaces of Mind 2.Intellectual Property Rights on Spaces of Mind

5 5 Digital Rights Ontology A Domain ontology –About Intellectual Property Rights –To describe all aspects that are relevant to evaluate rights –Attributes of rights –Validity in time and space –Laws and Agreements –People –Actions –Licenses –Constraints and Conditions –… –Harmonized with CIDOC CRM and FRBRoo Core DRO entities

6 Services of the DRM component derives the existing Copyrights The DRM derives the existing Copyrights Who owns the rights Details of the rights –Author Rights vs Related Rights –Economic Rights vs Moral Rights Country of origin of the rights When do the rights expire registeres the creation history A user or an application registeres the creation history of a creative work Title of the work, when and where it was made public for the first time Who contributed in some part of the work What is the precise contribution of each involved person … DRM 6

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9 Interoperable Provenance Information (1) Intellectual Property Rights Life Cycle 9

10 E39_Actor Daniel Teruggi E21_Person Daniel Teruggi F31_Expression_Creation Creation of Spaces of Mind E65_Creation Creation of Spaces of Mind E82_Actor_Appellation Daniel Teruggi P1F_is_identified_by P14B_performed F20_Self-Contained_Expression R22F_created C5_Copyright R1 - Distribution Right A20F_isOn C5_Copyright R2 - Reproduction Right C5_Copyright R3 - Attribution Right XXX DRM Intellectual Property Rights Creation History CIDOC-CRM core ontologyDigital Rights Ontology 10 Interoperable Provenance Information (2)

11 Goal –Demonstrate that the system withstands changes in Law Scenario: –An amendment to a Copyright Law clarifies who can be considered a performer, hence eligible to related rights Current IPR Law No. 92–597 of July 1, 1992, Art. 212-1 says: … persons who act, sing, deliver, declaim, play in or otherwise perform literary or artistic works, variety, circus or puppet acts. A hypothetical amendment could extend the definition of performers including also people who project and interpret acousmatic sound files We have more rightholders 11 Scenario: Change in Copyright Law

12 Scenario 2 Update of PDI (Provenance) Update Intellectual Property Rights after a Change in Law DRM preservation expert CASPAR Web Desktop CASPAR Web Desktop POM POM FIND FIND DRM DRM PACK PACK <use> PDS PDS 12

13 Scenario: Change in Copyright Law (2/2) 0. A notification is sent to the DRM Preservation Expert –Through the POM Actions to do: 1.The rules for correctly deriving existing rights must be updated –Through the DRM Administration Interface 2.Rights information (PDI-Provenance) must be updated for all affected archive holdings –The affected AIPs are retrieved ( FIND Key Component ) –The rights are re-calculated ( DRM Key Component ) 3.The new Provenance is packaged in the AIPs and stored –Through the PACK and PDS Key Components 13

14 Before …


16 FIND After …


18 Change in Law (2) Differencies between Legal Frameworks Description : European Parliament voted in April 2009 for the extension of sound performers rights –From 50 to 70 years post mortem EU states have two years time to transpose the EU directive into national law –Hypothesis: At time X, France has implemented the law, but the Czech Republic has not yet Goal: –The rights on the various works are interpreted correctly tacking into consideration the discrepancies in the different countries introduced by the change in Law

19 DRM Validation Checked suitability of the Digital Rights Ontology to represent rights –Against real examples from INA (FR) and CIANT (CZ) Intellectual Property Rights properly validated Licensed permissions NOT validated –Demonstrated the interoperability of the Rights Ontology with other standard or well-known ontologies CIDOC CRM and FRBRoo –Obtained mainly positive reviewers feedback on paper accepted at ECDL 2009 About Digital Rights Ontology and its use to describe and preserve rights Tested capability of a CASPAR archive to handle changes of rights –By withstanding changes in Law, considering multiple legal frameworks Contributed to the State of the Art in Digital Preservation –Accepted the proposal to have a new PDI section in OAIS : Access Rights

20 Further Information CASPAR Developers Web Site: DRM Open Source Code on Digital Rights Ontology resources: CASPAR Prototype GUI: Cyclops Tool: Contact persons: and 20

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