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Pleasant Hill Elementary 2012 ~ 2013 Common Core Standards.

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1 Pleasant Hill Elementary 2012 ~ 2013 Common Core Standards

2 Why the change to common core curriculum?  American students were lacking college and career skills for success in our economy.  This is an internationally benchmarked curriculum, so students are receiving the same, high quality education across the nation.

3 Common Core Standards Criteria  Rigorous  Clear and Specific  Teachable and learnable  Measurable  Coherent  Grade by grade standards  Internationally benchmarked

4 What are the Common Core Standards?  Aligned with college and work expectations  Focused and coherent  Included rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order skills  Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards  Internationally benchmarked so that all students are prepared to succeed in a global economy and society  Research and evidence based  State led – coordinated by NGA Center and CCSSO

5 Where can I learn more?

6 Everything is Changing  We will not give as many formal tests each week so students spend more time learning!  We will utilize the workshop model of teaching. This style of teaching allows teachers and students to conference and learn more individual academic skills.  Students will learn which skills they need and feel ownership in their learning.

7 Changes Cont. ~  Literacy includes reading, writing, English, etc.  The definition of literacy is the ability to read and write: the ability to read and write to a competent level  Student grades will not be separated into subject areas. Research tells us these skills should be totally intertwined to create literate children.  For example, students can write about the reading or English skill. The student work sample could test different skills in different subjects.

8 Textbooks?  Rich literature is the best source for teaching literacy.  Teachers will expose the students to lots of books in the place of a reading book with lots of stories. Therefore, students will not have one story for the week.

9 The Common Core Standards have technology objectives!  In today’s world, students must knowledgeable of various technology skills  PHES will enhance learning via netbooks in the classrooms, engaging software, digital books (books on the computers), etc. Check out our website for links to great educational websites!!!

10 Research Based Instruction “We acquire knowledge and thinking skills best when we learn them reciprocally, when we are asked to read, write, argue, and problem solve as we engage with text and with an organized body of essential knowledge.” (Mike Schmoker, Focus)

11 One more IMPORTANT change  Students will be taught and tested on speaking, listening, and writing. Our global economy needs an American workforce that can communicate effectively verbally and written.

12 First Grade  Students will receive number grades in English/Language Arts (ELA) and math.  ELA grades include reading comprehension, phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, and speaking and listening.

13 ELA First Grade/2-5  Reading Comprehension – (skill test, cold reads) –50% 2-5 50%  Language – (skill tests) 30% 2-5 40%  Phonics/Spelling – 10%/ 2-5 n/a  Performance Based Activities ( fluency, speaking and listening)-10%/ 10%

14 Kindergarten Grades:  Math, Science, Social Studies, Behavior, and Work Habits will be scored with a S- Satisfactory N- Needs Improvement U- Unsatisfactory

15 Kind. Grades  Letters, sight words, and the numbers will be scored with Mastery or Non- Mastery

16 Kind. Grades Cont.  All of the Language Arts Items will be scored : S –Satisfactory Growth toward standard U – Unsatisfactory Growth toward Standard M – Mastery of Standard

17 Kind. Grades Cont.  Mastery of ELA skills is not expected to be met until the end of the year. Looking for progression as year goes by.  The Standards for assessment progress each grading period.

18 The PHES Commitment  Growing every student no matter of their level is our goal.

19 How can parents help? READ, READ, READ with your child and let them read independently.

20 Studies show that kids who read outperform kids who do not, no matter of their socioeconomic levels..

21 The Pleasant Hill Faculty & Staff look forward to a fantastic learning year! Thank you for your wonderful support!!!

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