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By: Jessica Micheli, Callie Oppenheimer, Savannah Ingle.

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1 By: Jessica Micheli, Callie Oppenheimer, Savannah Ingle

2 During the 1920’s Americans entertained themselves at movies and sports events but they started listening to new types of music: soulful blues and jazz. When adults heard the Blues and Jazz they were concerned about the popular music that their kids were listening to.

3 Enslaved Africans started the blues with work songs and field chants. Bessie Smith and Gertrude “Ma” Rainey sang sad songs to huge audiences in clubs on Chicago's South side. They recorded their songs on African American labels for major record companies. Personal vivid and highly symbolic Guitar, used it to fill the pauses in their singing. Became hallmark of Jazz

4 New Orleans Moved North when African Americans migrated. No sheet music Contains strands of music from European countries. 1920’s Chicago Joseph “King” Oliver's Creole Jazz Band played for urban African Americans. Louis Armstrong played trumpet, most famous jazz musician of all time. Most unique and highly devolved arts Influenced the work of American composers

5 Young people enjoyed and old people thought of it as immoral shocking and scandalous. First started in a African American revue called “Runnin’ Wild” in 1924. Social jazz dance originally a Southern black folk dance.

6 1920’s equals “The Dance Age” and “The Jazz Age”. Record music was mainstream after the radio was made. The radio brought new entertainment and advertising to a mass market and help the growth of the mass-market economy. The radio came to isolated rural areas in the 1940’s

7 The European African styles is perhaps the most important factor of history in American music. Enslaved peoples and their decedents added fluid and expressive vocal styles and highly developed rhythm to European songs and instruments. As a result, a new African American music was created.

8 American Odyssey

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