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Electronic Proposal Submission System European Commission Research DG Hubert van DELFT Hubert-Yves.van-DELFT(at)

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2 Electronic Proposal Submission System European Commission Research DG Hubert van DELFT Hubert-Yves.van-DELFT(at)

3 Note that the presentation is based on advance information on the EPSS. Actual implementation may differ Watch for more information 22 January 2006

4 EPSS for FP7 lAgenda èScope of the EPSS, infrastructure needed, process overview èAchievements and lessons learned in FP6 èChanges from FP6 èChanges needed to comply with the rules of participation èImmediate planning èEPSS phase two: further simplification èQuick demonstration (if test system is available) èQuestion time

5 EPSS for FP7 lWhat is the EPSS ? èAn electronic system enabling project coordinators to prepare and submit their proposal online through the Internet using a web site accessed seamlessly from Cordis or accessed directly once the participant is registered èOperating 7 days a week, operating 24 hours a day, free of charge to the participants, supporting most IT configs èAvoiding paper based submission costs and issues lWhat is needed to use it ? èAn access to the Internet – the faster, the better though the system works even with dial-up connections èA computer – most of the platforms are supported, even old ones

6 EPSS for FP7 lThe FP7 proposal-project time line EPSS closes Evaluation finishes Decision is taken Project starts


8 EPSS for FP7 lAchievements and lessons learned in FP6 > 38.950 proposals

9 EPSS for FP7 lAchievements and lessons learned in FP6 èConfidence has been built into the online version Over 350.000 unique users during FP6 The offline preparation tool was identified very early as a trouble maker

10 EPSS for FP7 lSimilarities from FP6 to FP7 Registration, navigation, data entry One account for each proposal Multiple submission possible Continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation Monitoring of issues at submission stage by the Commission Telephone support operated from Brussels 08:00 to 18:00 Stays identical

11 EPSS for FP7 lChanges from FP6 to FP7 Paper submission was a valid submission method Choice possible of off-line preparation and online submission Break in the submission activity (disclaimer) Internet address pointed to the sixth framework program Paper forms present in the EC documents No paper submission without prior authorisation No offline preparation tool to download: everything happens online Streamlining of the submission process: no break Internet address will be: Focus on information collection, see EPSS documentation

12 EPSS for FP7 lChanges needed to comply with the simplification and rules of participation èData entry screens have been changed to reflect the changes in the rules for participation èParticipant identification code appears on first form for later user. The PIC is equivalent to a participant account number èExtension of the participant information: all field must be completed, notably SME information is now imperative èBudgets are no longer a unique screen but are implemented as one screen for each participant: in other words the coordinator has to enter detailed budget information for each participant

13 FP7 A3.1 A2 EPSS for FP7 lAdministrative forms changes from FP6 to FP7 FP6 A1 A2 A3 Part B PDF Submit A2 A1 A2 A3.1 Part B PDF Submit A3.2 Proposal coordinator actions

14 EPSS for FP7 lChanges from FP7 phase 1 to FP7 phase 2 One account (user id and password) for each submission Repeated (but simple) information submission in part A during the process cycle Limited reported facilities offered to end users No intelligence at the submission stage: only simple computation (additions) provided. One account by participant, at the legal entity level Single information submission, occurring independently of the submission cycle (URF) Information consolidation possible (PDM) Better eligibility guidance and information, with computation of reimbursement of costs ceilings

15 EPSS for FP7 lQuick demonstration – steps to submission èIdentify call and funding scheme on Cordis èRegister on the EPSS – give basic details on project èEPSS mails the user id and password to the proposal co- ordinator – Watch your electronic mail èGo straight to the EPSS or go to the EPSS via Cordis èEnter user-id and password èSet up the consortium – or enter participant detail èEnter the relevant information èsee next slide èSubmit the proposal and log-out

16 EPSS for FP7 lQuick demonstration – steps to submission èRelevant information to enter in order to submit proposal èThe object of the proposal – one entry screen – entered by the coordinator (A1) èThe participants – one entry screen by participant – entered by the coordinator or the partner to the proposal (A2) èThe budget – one entry screen by participant – entered by the coordinator (A3) èFeedback provided by the system èOverall budget computation èHistory of actions performed – audit logs èProposal submission status – NOT SUBMITTED at this stage – part B upload is needed

17 EPSS for FP7 lQuick demonstration – steps to submission èUploading the proposal is not a submission action. A transfer of the proposal document must be followed by a submission action. èThe proposal file must use the Adobe PDF format, with embedded fonts, no password, no print prevention mechanism èThe proposal file name must use the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9, the - sign. All other characters, including the space, the point, the ampersand, etc. are may cause upload problems èAt the end of the upload, you will be prompted to perform the submit èFeedback provided by the system èHistory of actions performed – audit logs èProposal submission status SUBMITTED– completed by an email sent to the coordinator of the proposal

18 EPSS for FP7 lQuick demonstration – steps to submission èWarnings issued by the system èdo not prevent submission èare potentially linked to the eligibility issues èEPSS system requests information in the form of a text box èErrors issued by the system èprevent submissions èare linked to missing documents and information èmust be corrected by the proposal coordinator

19 EPSS for FP7 lImmediate planning of the EPSS èSystem set-up èOpening for testing (identifying boundaries in terms of load expressed in concurrent users and performing cycle testing) èOpening to the public (actual use) èFirst closure of the system èFirst eligibility committee èFirst evaluation of proposals

20 EPSS for FP7 lUsing the EPSS successfully èThe submit button disappears at 17:00:00.000, CET èIn case of doubt, get support early. Phone. Do not wait èNo special characters in file names. Stick to A-Z, 0-9, - èThe system allows multiple submissions. Use the facility but do not abuse. èDo not change budgets at the last moment: this may prevent you from getting the proposal submitted on time èDo not upload the proposal at the last moment: this invalidates the previous submission èMonitor CORDIS, you email should the EPSS encounter technical problems: the two systems are independent

21 EPSS for FP7 lHow should I proceed as a coordinator? èAccess the Cordis website for a specific call, register on the EPSS èCheck your electronic mail for the EPSS access details & FAQ èLogin for accessing the online EPSS èChange the passwords for the coordinator and the partners èSend the partners username and password to the partners èSet-up the proposal by indicating the number of participants, their participant id, name and email addresses, once in the registration process and after in the proposal setup screen èEdit Part A forms (object, participants, budget) èUpload the Part B file (detailed proposal text) èUpload Part B annexes if needed or required èValidate proposal to ensure basic checks are satisfied èSubmit the proposal – to modify, go back to step 6, 7 or 8 èVerify that the system gives a proposal number èLogout and check your email for a confirmation mail

22 More information on the EPSS will be available from the EPSS itself: Electronic mail: support @ epss – To help the Commission in the initial testing of the EPSS or request a test account, please contact: hubert – yves. van – delft @

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