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THE ROLE OF STRATEGY Source: cubagallery. My Client Portfolio.

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1 THE ROLE OF STRATEGY Source: cubagallery

2 My Client Portfolio

3 How I Spend My Time Clients Creative Idea Comms Strategy Channels and Implementation Media Partners 80% 20%

4 Questions to ask me How are Unibet embracing digital and how can we help? Have you see our latest research? What are we good and bad at? Would you like to come to lunch? How does 60% added value sound? What market share is that? Have you heard of our new editor she’s amazing? Questions not to ask me

5 How does the strategic planning process work? Source:

6 Our Centre of Gravity Connect our client’s brands with the right consumers and deliver ROI


8 The Strategic Planning Process Category, brand and context immersion Define task for communication Target audience discovery and Insight The strategy and idea Channel selection and role Amplification Measurement & Effectiveness

9 Category, Brand and Context Immersion What are the latest communication trends? What are the latest consumer trends? What is going on in the category? How is my brand behaving? How are my competitors behaving?

10 Defining the Focus of Effort

11 Target Audience Discovery Who is my target audience? What matters to her/him? What influences her/him? When is my target audience most receptive to advertising? How does she/he engage with media?

12 The Strategy and Idea How will I use media to answer the communication task? What idea/context will make my target engage with my brand?

13 Channel Selection and Role Which channels provide the best brand experience? Which channels are most efficient? What is the role of each channel?

14 Measurement and Effectiveness Did we achieve our objectives? What worked what didn’t? What gave us the biggest return on our investment?

15 Source: How can you engage in the process?

16 Media Owners are Strategic Partners

17 Source: How to best approach a brief

18 The Golden Circle Why How What What you do How you do it Why you do it

19 An Example

20 How Apple Could Approach Marketing Why How What “We make great computers” “We produce products that are beautifully designed, easy to use and user friendly” “Want to buy one?”

21 How Apple Actually Approach Marketing Why How What “We just happen to make great computers, want to buy one?” “We produce products that are beautifully designed, easy to use and user friendly” “Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in acting differently”

22 How to Pitch Your Ideas Why How What What makes you different? What makes your idea unique? How you do you plan to use your services that is specific to this brand? Why is your idea relevant to the insight/audience or brand?

23 The Bottom Line People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it Agencies don’t buy the services you offer, they buy WHY those services are relevant

24 Source: The process begins with a great brief


26 Your Checklist

27 Tips for the Way you Respond Be focused on the brief, not what you’ve got to sell Use the language of the brief…authentically Connect your audience to theirs… not demographics Talk about your media brand… not your media vehicle Less is more

28 Your Brief

29 Heineken is a global partner of the Rugby World Cup Our target audience are up market, defined Men of the World How can we position Heineken’s association with this event in the Australia market to this audience? Our objective is to tell as many Men of the World as possible and to drive sales of the product Measurement is via competition entries, reach and frequency, pack sales and PR Key Questions : How would you use your channels to deliver against the insight and answer this brief? Why are they relevant? Do you have any relevant research?

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