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Service: The Heart of Hospitality

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1 Service: The Heart of Hospitality
Chapter 2

2 What is Service in the hospitality industry?
The act or manner of serving food and drink, satisfying people’s needs.

3 Customers (Guest) The main reason for the industry
No customer, no business, no profits The success of any hospitality business depends on return customers How? Show Empathy?

4 Customer Needs Want to feel welcome
Hospitality businesses satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of customers Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs activity

5 Activity: Divide class into five groups.
Each group gets a different level of Maslow’s needs. List examples of ways the hospitality industry meets that need. 1 2 3 4 5

6 Satisfying Customers Needs
Quality Service- key to a successful business ---meeting or exceeding the customers expectations 1. treat with dignity and respect 2. requests to be handled accurately and efficiently 3. honesty – questions, menu descriptions 4. accuracy – money transactions

7 What are the three compliments most often given for service?
* cleanliness and attractive appearance of facilities and grounds * employees who respond quickly to requests * employees who anticipate customer needs

8 Satisfying Customers Needs
Consistent Service –same quality service every time 1. People interaction before-during-after Why quality service is important? 1. word-of-mouth publicity a. positive –repeat business b. negative – loss of customer and friends

9 Hospitality Employees
Two Groups: Front of the House – the area the customers usually see Back-of-the-House –(heart-of-the- house) - usually have little interaction with the customers

10 Video – Behind the Scenes – Hospitality/Hotel

11 Activity Take the slip of paper you got at the door and look up and what his or her job involves. When you know your description of the job, line up by the white board if you are front-of-the-house employees Back-of-the-house employees behind the tables, in front of the kitchen Discuss: Why do back-of-the-house employees need to be as concerned about customers as front- of-the-house employees?

12 Customer –Focused Employees
-anticipate customer needs Six Characteristics a. Eye contact b. Posture – relaxed and alert, attitude of enthusiasm c. Smile –job enjoyment, friendliness d. Respond quickly –positive attitude e. Customer’s name – use it if you know it f. Well groomed

13 Critical Moments –making the biggest impact on customer satisfaction
Phone calls The building entrance The greeter – greet within 30 seconds The wait The table or hotel room –cleanliness a must The busser and servers –within 2 minutes, make suggestions The manager The arrival of food –check back after 2 bites The restroom The check or bill The goodbye -smile

14 Customer Relations Techniques
Communication Skills –regular staff training, employee handbooks 1. Verbal Communication –tone of voice, good grammar, no profanity 2. Written Communication- written form 3. Nonverbal communication –body language, facial expressions

15 Handling Customer Complaints
Listen with empathy –apologize 2. Allow the customer to vent -separate yourself from the complaint Be supportive-take notes Do not blame someone else Have a positive attitude Offer solutions - know your policies 7. Follow through

16 Activity NON-VERBAL ASSIGNMENT Due at the end of period
Directions: This assignment is an exercise in non-verbal communication!!! If anyone in the partnership talks, points are lost!!!! Assignment: You have received a set of materials. You must use some of each color of paper. Every item in the bag must be used. Use your imagination and be creative! Design a picture of an activity that you do in the summer time and write a funny poem on the white paper to go along with it. MUST be school appropriate!!! You may trim the paper around the poem or story. Story or poem must be attached to the summer fun picture… within the boundaries of the picture. When finished, write you name on the back of the picture. Clean up all your mess, put things away.  

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