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Gu Yingjie Bob Sultan Li Yizhou

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1 Gu Yingjie ( Bob Sultan ( Li Yizhou ( Ben Mack-Crane ( PCP in VDP Reply

2 2 Review of Physical Machine End-station could send C-tagged traffic or untagged traffic on port ; We assume traffic as untagged; Tagging performed per Port by Bridge –Priority value maybe tagged by Bridge Server A server Bridge DA, SA, CTAG[PCP=5, CFI=0, VID] T/L, PayloadDA, SA, T/L, Payload Port X

3 3 Model in EVB bridge VM A VSI x VM is aware of VSI as a port; –VM could send C-tagged traffic on port but we assume traffic is untagged; Tagging performed per VSI by tagging entity under control of hypervisor; –could be Customer Edge Port of Edge Relay device; –PCP may also be tagged in traffic DA, SA, T/L, Payload VM B VSI y server tagging entity DA, SA, CTAG[PCP=5, VID] T/L, Payload DA, SA, CTAG[PCP=3, VID] T/L, Payload

4 4 Hypervisor knowledge of PCP bridge VM A VSI x Hypervisor might maintain relationship between each VSI and corresponding value of PCP; or PCP could be supplied by network, based on information in VSI-type; PCP value supplied on VDP rsp; DA, SA, T/L, Payload VM B VSI y server DA, SA, CTAG[5, 96] T/L, Payload DA, SA, CTAG[3, 114] T/L, Payload VDP req (VSI x TLV [PCP=null, VID=96]) VDP rsp (VSI x TLV [PCP=5, VID=96]) VDP req (VSI y TLV [PCP=null, VID=114]) VDP rsp (VSI y TLV [PCP=3, VID=114]) hypervisor

5 5 Proposal VDP reserves 2 octets for VID which occupies only 12bits; PCP proposal requires no additional field, it could be carried in the rest 4bits in VID field;

6 6 Proposal Communicate 3-bit of PCP value on VDP rsp to aid; –1-bit PCP Significant (PS) distinguishes PCP = 0 from PCP not specified; –Use high-order bits already reserved in VID field of VDP TLVs; If more than one Filter Info Entry then –PCP specified by first (or last) entry with PS = true; or –PCP specified distinctly for each VID with PS = true; no preference on this Applicable to all four currently defined VDP TLV formats (only one illustrated above); Current VID field of VDP TLV changed to PV (PCP/VID); –did not want to choose TCI since the information contained is not identical to TCI. PCPVIDPS 0 1 4bit: P/V (2 octets)

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