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Miss Lofing’s Kindergarten English Handbook. Best method of contact:

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1 Miss Lofing’s Kindergarten English Handbook

2 Best method of contact:

3 There will NOT be any paper copies of the newsletter To locate the newsletter: Step 1: Step 2: Click Aurora on the top right hand side Step 3: Scroll to the middle of the page. On the right hand side that is highlighted in blue find the tab that says homework. Step 4: Click Aurora on the middle left side Step 5: Find Lauren Lofing Step 6: Click subscribe on the right hand side (This will allow the newsletter to be directly emailed to you.)

4 Kindergarten English Schedule: 1.Read Aloud 2.Explore new letter/concept 3.Vocabulary/sight word lesson 4.Daily 5 Center Rotation 5.Review/Goodbye It is EXTREMELY important for your child to arrive on time. If they are late and miss the exploring part they will NOT know what to do in their centers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your child arrive on time. I only have 90 minutes with them and each and everyone of them are EXTREMELY valuable.

5 If your child is absent it is your responsibility to email me to find out what they missed that day. I will not be sending in class work home with them unless you have contacted me. There is always extra homework that will be posted on the website. This homework is NOT for a grade it is just to challenge your child or to complete if your child has missed any English classes that week. It is EXTREMELY important for your child to arrive on time. If they are late and miss the exploring part they will NOT know what to do in their centers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your child arrive on time. I only have 90 minutes with them and each and everyone of them are EXTREMELY valuable.

6 Homework will be posted online. There will be homework that is DUE every Friday. Homework will also be posted every Monday. The reason that homework is posted on Monday’s and not over the weekend is because I would like you to have ‘family’ time. Also, the homework is designed to complete 1 page per night. The homework correlates with what is being taught on that day. So if they homework says it is for Monday that would be what we learned THAT day. If you do Tuesday night on a Monday night then your child will not know those concepts yet or may not know how to complete the assignment. Please try to only do one page/night. It will be your responsibility to print the homework EVERY week! If you do not have access to a printer please go to Aurora Public Library to print the homework for your child. It is also YOUR CHILDS responsibility to turn in homework. It is NOT your responsibility to turn this in FOR them.

7 We have several forms of classroom management. Our biggest form of classroom management is our color system. Sparkle Purple: Star student! Blue: You are doing better than the rest of the class Green: My expectations for all of my students everyday. Yellow: Student has been warned to stop talking, wasn’t following directions Orange: Student has been warned 3 or more times. Red: Student has hurt another child or has been warned 4 or more times. A note will be going home. ABC Forms: Global Village Academy has a behavioral system that requires the students to take responsibility for their own actions. ABC forms are filled out by your child and a copy will be going home on your student’s 2 nd offense. Please check backpack for these daily, just so you can help us follow through on our expectations at school.

8 Some great websites for you to help your child reinforce the skills they are learning at school are: 1.Starfall 2.ABC mouse 3.RAZ kids (more information will be handed out at a later date, this will be a required weekly website that your child has to visit. 4.Scholastic Orders: Order books online to help provide books for your child’s classroom. Orders will be made once a month. Class code is: LV4WR (all contact information and calendar information is on this site.)

9 Parents: Please read this to your child before school starts! I will honor different ways of acting and believing even if I don’t agree with them. I will treat others the way I want to be treated, I will speak up if I see others being treated unfairly. We are respectful, responsible and ready to learn. As a student in Miss Lofing’s class I promise to come to school on time, complete all homework assignments and live by the GVA school pledge as listed above.

10 Hello Parents & Guardians! Welcome to Kindergarten at Global Village Academy! My name is Lauren Lofing and I will be your child’s Kindergarten English teacher. This is my third year teaching Kindergarten English at Global Village Academy! This is my seventh year teaching in the state of Colorado. I have taught Kindergarten, 1 st grade, Pre-Kindergarten and was also a Preschool Director. I am very excited to be working with all of your children this year in Kindergarten. We are going to be learning some very new and exciting things! We will be learning about our letters, letter sounds, writing and introduction to literacy. Please be sure to note that you will be required to read with your child every night for at least 20 minutes per night. There will be a reading log that needs to be filled out and returned to school on the last Friday of the month. I will be checking these reading logs monthly. This will be a part of your child’s homework. If you need reading materials please do not hesitate to ask, you can also log into They have books for reasonable prices. I will also be sending home scholastic newsletters with book recommendations as well. You can submit your book requests and checks by using the monthly newsletter form. If you wish to order your books online please type in LV4WR for the classroom code. All books ordered either online have free shipping and will be shipped to the school. Only online orders will be accepted. I am SO excited to meet each and everyone of your children! It is going to be a FABULOUS year!
























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