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Welcome to Online Scheduling How to create your perfect schedule for the next school year.

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1 Welcome to Online Scheduling How to create your perfect schedule for the next school year

2 What You Need Transcript Graduation checklist A-G requirements/ Junior Calendar Course selection sheet Online scheduling guide Student Connect username and password For information on classes, course descriptions can be found at under Counselor’s Corner. Click “Course Description Handbook.”

3 Check Your Credits Check the Transcript on the right hand side for credit total Sophomores- 90 If you don’t have the recommended number of credits, you may need to sign up for summer school.

4 Other Transcript Concerns A-G Requirements You must have a C or better in classes to fulfill A-G requirements. If you have any D grades in A-G courses and plan on going to a 4 year college, please see your counselor. IF YOU FEEL YOUR TRANSCRIPT IS INCORRECT, PLEASE SEE YOUR COUNSELOR.

5 Honors and AP Classes You should have an A or high B in your current class to take an Honors/AP class next year Be sure to fill out an Honors/AP Commitment Form AND Teacher Recommendation Form Honors/AP classes are a YEARLONG commitment and cannot be changed in September so choose wisely!

6 Are you ready? Time to choose classes…

7 COURSE SELECTION SHEET PLEASE FILL IN:  Your Last Name, First Name  Student ID number  Date of Birth  Phone Number where you can be reached  Your Counselor’s Name- Mrs. Garcia (A-He) Ms. Kobayashi (Hi-Ne) Mrs. Barricklow (Ng-Z) Mr. Drasner (Student Support)  College Plans (2 yr, 4 yr or Voc)  Career Goal

8 English

9 Sophomores  Select an English pair or English 3 Honors Note: Unless you are taking English 3 Honors, American Dream is a graduation requirement. Please be sure to list an alternative pair.

10 Health All students must have 5 Health credits for graduation. Circle Health if you failed it or haven’t taken it.

11 Social Science

12 Sophomores Select one: US History A/B US History AP US History (S) – ELL students only

13 Elective Social Science and English Classes

14 Students who are interested in English and/or Social Science may also sign up for: Forensics Workshop - Debate (Zero period only) Psychology AP (11 th and 12 th grade only)

15 Special Programs

16 o Note: A maximum of 10 credits can be earned for Class Aide and/or Office Aide Class Aide Office Aide RSP Study Skills Library Practice Leadership Academic Decathlon General Work Experience

17 Mathematics

18  In order to move on to the next math class, you must pass the class with a C or better. The following is the order of progression for math: Algebra 1 Geometry or Geometry H Algebra 2 or Algebra H PreCalc or PreCalc H Calc AP - AB Calc AP - BC You may take Stats, Stats AP or Trig after Algebra 2

19 Science

20  Note: Must be enrolled in or completed Algebra 2 to take Chemistry. The following is the order of progression for science: Current ClassNext Year’s Class PSEBiology or Biology H Biology or Biology HChemistry or Chemistry H Chemistry or Chemistry HMultiple options

21 Please Turn Course Selection Sheet Over

22 Visual and Performing Arts/ Foreign Language

23 Visual and Performing Arts and Foreign Language To receive a diploma, you must take 1 year of a Visual and Performing Art (VPA) OR 1 year of a Foreign Language To fulfill A-G requirements, you must take 1 year of a VPA and 2 years of a foreign language (3 years recommended) In order to progress to the next level, you must earn a C or better 2 nd semester.

24 Physical Education

25 Will you have 20 PE credits by the end of the year? If not, select a PE class. See course selection sheet for options. Note: Courses with an asterisk* require coaches approval and/or tryout.

26 Career Technology Education

27 All Career Technology Education classes fall under elective courses. Web Design, Business Office Occupations, Fashion 1, and Theatre Management are SoCal Roc classes offered on campus. All other SoCal Roc classes are off campus and require completion of a supplemental application. If you wish to take a SoCal Roc class off campus, please circle the time you are taking the course.

28 Other Related Scheduling Information

29 Alternatives for Electives Please look at the bottom of your sheet where it says “Please write 3 Alternatives for Electives”. It is VERY important to complete out this part. If this section is left blank, your counselor will select an elective for you. The more alternatives you select, the more likely you are to get a class you will enjoy.

30 Zero Period If you want to take a zero period, circle the Zero Period request in the last box of the second side. Zero period is not a guarantee and is based on classes offered at that time.

31 Online Scheduling Please discuss your selections with your parents and teachers before you log on. Log on to the website as explained in your online scheduling guide. You may log on at home or at school beginning today through March 21. To assist you, the computers in the College and Career Center will be available for your use during lunch and after school March 15-19. After March 21, only your counselor will be able to add and change course selections.

32 Online Scheduling Instructions Log on to Student Connect and follow instructions Following online scheduling, students will meet individually with their counselors to verify course selections. Entering a course on line and circling it on your sheet, DOES NOT mean it is approved. When you meet with your counselor, you must have the following: A completed course selection sheet signed by a parent A signed and completed Honors/AP Commitment Form A teacher recommendation form for Honors/AP courses

33 Thank You for Your Time and Attention Happy Scheduling!

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