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Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3 rd ed.

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1 Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3 rd ed.

2 Web Metrics Why Understanding Your Web Traffic Is Important to Your Business

3 Terminology Bounced Visitor Campaign Google Analytics Tracking Code Goal Conversion Funnel Landing Page Medium Referrer ROI (rev-cost)/cost Session Site Search Source URL

4 What can you learn from Web Analytics Onsite Tools Optimize o marketing strategy o social search strategy o Site navigation o page content Offsite Tools Potential Audience (opportunity) Share of Voice (visibility) Buzz (comments and sentiment)

5 Where to Start How many daily visitors you receive Your average conversion rate (sales, registration, download, and so on) Your top-visited pages The average visit time on site and how often visitors come back The referral source or channel that is driving the most traffic The geographic distribution of visitors and what language setting they are using How "sticky" your pages are: whether visitors stay or simply bounce off (single ‑ page visits)

6 Where to Start for ecommerce sites The revenue your site is generating Where your customers are coming from (channel and campaigns) What your top-selling products are The average order value of your top-selling products

7 More Complicated Questions Where do my most valuable visitors come from (referral source and geography)? Which of the most valuable visitors are most likely to make a purchase, and which of those visitors are most likely to make the highest value purchases? Which are my most valuable content pages; that is, not just popular pages, but pages that also contribute to the conversion process? How do existing customers (or subscribers, downloaders, or social media fol­lowers) use the site compared to new visitors? Am I wasting money on campaigns that bounce; that is, attracting visitors that only view a single page and then leave? Is my site engaging with visitors; that is, does anything on the site help build a relationship with an otherwise anonymous visitor? Is my internal site search helping or hindering conversions; that is, can visitors find what they are looking for once on my site? How many visits and how much time does it take for a visitor to become a customer (which affects promotion campaigns, email follow-ups, and affiliate relationships)?

8 Analytical Process AMAT o Acquisition of visitors o Measurement of performance o Analysis of trends o Testing to improve

9 ROI of Web Analytics Table 1.2: The economic effect of a 1% increase in conversion rate MeasureSymbolCalculationBeforeAfter Visitorsv100,000 Cost per visitc1.00 Cost of all visitscTcT v ´ c$100,000 Conversion rater3.0%4.0% ConversionsCr ´ v3,0004,000 Revenue per conversionV$75 Total revenueTV x C$225,000$300,000 Non-marketing profit margin m50% Non-marketing costsnm ´ T$112,500$150,000 Marketing costscTcT v ´ c$100,000 Total profitPT – (n + c T )$12,500$50,000 Total marketing ROIRP ¸ c T 13%50%

10 The Fit of Web Analytics

11 Additional Resources 1 1 2/course 2/course

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