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1 Intro to Online Advertising

2 Have you been solicited by Yelp? How does their program work? Two Questions

3 Yelp ads make sense if your conversion rate is high Check and analyze your yelp data before considering ads Things to check: amount of traffic, how many conversions, how many people are calling, looking for directions, clicking, etc. What to Consider

4 Impressions program: Guarantees a minimum set of eyes that will see your ad Something to think about: Out of the impressions, how many click into your profile? Types of Programs

5 Generally will cost a few dollars per click Something to think about: if users are already clicking to your website without ads, it might make sense to go with this model. Pay Per Click Program

6 Work organically before you start spending money on ads Key Takeaway

7 Consider your type of business. Also consider if not many people are searching for your business, you may not get the benefits from the ads or get quality traffic Types of Businesses

8 Use simple calculations to determine if it's worth it for your business: Average Sales Transaction Profit: $100 Out of 1,000 visitors (Impression), 100 will contact your business (Leads). This is your Impression Conversion Out of the 100 leads, 10 will become buying customers (Conversion). This is your Sales Conversion. 10x$100= $1,000. Therefore: 1 impression or visit is worth $1. 1 lead is worth $10. 1 conversion is worth $100. Example

9 Different Types of Ads: 1.Boosted Posts 2.Like Ads (Page Promotion) 3.Increase conversions on your website 4.Raise attendance at your event 5.Get people to claim your offer Facebook Advertising

10 Ways to Target Your Audience: 1.Location 2.Behavior 3.Interests 4. Age/Gender 5.Education/Financial/Life Events 6.People who have visited your website 7.Custom Audience Facebook Advertising

11 Ready Artwork Client: Wedding Photographer Targeting: The local area Engaged couples The Ad: Displays engaged couples Connects to a landing page Example

12 Facebook Advertising

13 Advertise on Facebook

14 Target Audience

15 Spending

16 Layout

17 Preview

18 Yelp Work organically first Calculate your cost per click and impression Determine if it makes sense to purchase ads Facebook Determine your business goal Target correctly to avoid wasting money Summary

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