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MICHAEL Plus and the new members Iván Rónai (Ministry of Education and Culture, Hungary)

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1 MICHAEL Plus and the new members Iván Rónai (Ministry of Education and Culture, Hungary)

2 – main development objectives in the area of cultural and scientific digitisation. The priority areas are : preservation of cultural heritage by digitisation improving accessibility to digitized cultural contents encouraging the creation of new digital cultural works and products enhancing the synergic effects of cultural and creative industries upon the economy and on social cohesion. Information Society Strategy

3 – Culture is a separate section: two basic roles: the obligation of preserving and distributing cultural values. Information Society Strategy

4 – The fundamental objective the inventory of cultural assets, then the harmonization and completion of catalogues. Information Society Strategy

5 Survey Inventory unitsUnits to be digitisedStorage needed Movable heritage monuments archaeological sites source documents 920 Gbytes grey 1,2 Tbytes colour 7,2 Gbytes text Total: 2,1 Tbytes Library documents documents7,6 Pbyts video 143 Tbytes sound 231 Gbytes text 2 Tbytes b-w image 45 Tbytes grey image 7,1 Tbytes colour Total: 7,8 Pbytes

6 Survey Archives pages units135 Tbytes b-w image 424 Tbytes grey image 288 Tbytes colour Total: 847 Tbytes Museum objects ,4 Tbytes colour Audiovisual films hours tv radio tapes pages of documentation films hours tv radio tapes pages 500 Tbytes film 16,5 Pbytes tv 160 Tbytes sound 120 Tbytes b-w image Total: 17,3 Pbytes Total unitsTotal: 26,62 Pbytes

7 National Digital Data Archives The principles of NDA the integration of the various cultural contents and data of public institutions participation in NDA is voluntary. NDA is a coordinating body uniform description rules (universal meta-database system), standards, common search interface, training and advisory services

8 National Digital Data Archives



11 Opportunities: –Common accesss point and data model –Multilingual environment –Mutual benefits resulting of coordination –Networking –Accelerate progress MICHAELPlus

12 The way to MichaelPlus: –Preliminary discussion –Tentative participation –Letter of intent –Contract MICHAELPlus

13 Tasks: –Installation, testing –Hungarian version –Linking to the European platform –Portal development –Data input –other (legal issues, marketing, sustainability etc) MICHAELPlus

14 Expected results Promote use and re-use of cultural heritage in the field of –culture –education –research –tourism marketing/visibility opens up markets of content industries accessibility: integrated searchable European database avoid repetition and parallel developments

15 Thank you for your attention Rome, 4th December 2006

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