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Inventories, Discovery of Digital Content Minerva WP3 Sarah Faraud.

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1 Inventories, Discovery of Digital Content Minerva WP3 Sarah Faraud

2 Work programme Inventories, discovery of digitised content setting up inventories defining a sustainable technical infrastructure proposing a common platform (XML and open source) Multilingual issues analysing multilingual solutions for accessing digitized cultural content

3 Work carried out on inventories Meetings to share information Documents produced Results and practical developments The advent of a new project

4 Meetings Paris, July 2001: organization and information exchange Paris, July 2002: common meeting on interoperability and inventories to gather information on national initiatives Paris, January 2003: validation of a common data model

5 Documents 2003-11. Specifications for inventories of digitised content 2003-09. Feasibility survey of the common platform 2003-03. Report analysing existing content

6 Outcomes:Towards a Common System Starting Points The Data Model First Common Realization: the French- Italian portal

7 French Starting Point The French Inventory of Digital Collections Launched by the MRT of the Ministry of Culture in 2001 Aims: collecting information on digitization projects financed by the ministry or by institutions Monitoring digitization throughout the country Still in use but will be included into the Michael platform An example An example

8 European Initiatives New Opportunities Fund for creating education material (portal EnrichUK) Spanish Digital Heritage Inventory collecting information on digitized funds Italian Digital Library for digitizing and monitoring Irish Cultural Heritage Project (AAI) digitizing and accessing local funds

9 Data Model A common data model respecting digital content creation and collection description (RSLP schema) A system built on OAI-PMH to exchange XML-formatted metadata Availiability of metadata in DC Culture Equivalences with existing standards Respect of quality principles

10 French-Italian Prototype A first cooperative platform in three languages Presenting French and Italian digital collections Using the data model set up by WP3 The prototype

11 Integrating national digitisation initiatives Agreeing on a common approach for digital cultural heritage inventories in Italy, France and the UK Implementing a distributed platform based on open source software Supporting multi-lingualism Building the infrastructure for sustainability Adoption by other countries in Europe

12 Some links French inventory: WP3 section: ocindex.htm ocindex.htm French-Italian portal: FANCH_004 Link to an example

13 Multilingual issues

14 Meetings Paris, January 2003: first meetings of experts to organize work to be done Paris, October 2003: conference on access to multilingual digital heritage – 2 multilingual thesauri NARCISSE, MACS, French-Italian thesaurus on architecture, Symontox system for ontologies – Sessions on multilngual systems for heritage

15 Work with Hungary Launch of the survey 22 websites presenting digitized cultural content in more than one language Mostly from the Mission recherche et technologie Websites of acclaimed quality No small institution answered Lack of thesauri, few answers by leading projects

16 Future Work on multilingual information retrieval tools Specific work – on automatic translation – simple multilingual lists Organization of a workshop in 2005 on these aspects

17 Thank you for your attention Any question?

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