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Jessieville Elementary Library 2014-2015 Jessieville Elementary Library 2014-2015.

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2 Jessieville Elementary Library 2014-2015 Jessieville Elementary Library 2014-2015

3 Mrs. Denise Mrs. Denise My name is Denise Smith. I have been teaching for 28 years. Before I was the librarian, I taught kindergarten and first grade. I have been married for 27 years to Alvin Smith. We have 1 daughter, Cara, who is a speech pathologist in Rogers Arkansas. Introducing the Librarian

4 What is a library media center?  a place where literary, reference, recreational, and other materials are kept for use. They are for people to borrow.

5 What kinds of materials can be found in a LMC?  Books,magazines and computers

6 How can students come to the Library Media Center?  From 1:30- 3:00 everyday with permission from their teacher.  During your scheduled library visit.

7 Library Rules  There is no gum, food, or drinks allowed in the library.  Use your inside voice  Respect others.  Put your book in the bookdrop unless you are going to take a test on it or not finished reading it.

8 School Rules Just Do The Right Thing!

9 What should you bring with you to the LMC?  Library books

10 What can you not bring to the LMC?  Backpacks  Purses  Candy/Snacks  Toys

11 Book Check-Out  Always use a ruler or shelf marker.  If you are not sure where a book goes do not put it back on the shelf. Give it to the staff or put it in the bookdrop.  Each student has an assigned number. Please give that number to the person checking you out.  Make sure you are quiet while checking out.

12 Book Check Outs:  How many books may be checked out and for how long? – Kindergarten through second grade-1 book for 1 week. –Third- fifth grade-2 books for two weeks. One chapter and one easy. (not two chapter books)

13 LIBRARY FINES  If you lose a book you must pay the cost of the book!

14  It is your responsibility to know when your book is due.  If you have an overdue book you cannot check out another book until the book is turned in or paid for.  Let us know as soon as possible if you have lost a book

15 Do not leave your things unattended in the library! We are not responsible for your belongings!.

16 What are Fiction books?  Fiction books are story books, something that is made up-that is not true, they are about imaginary people, places and things.  Fiction books have F or FIC and the first three letters of the author’s last name on the spine label, for example:  F GRI or FIC GRI

17 Where are fiction books located?  Fiction books are located up against the walls. These books are fiction chapter books.

18 What are Easy Books  Easy books are also fiction books. They are smaller books and are located on the little shelves. Their call number will be E and the first three letters of the author’s last name.

19 What are biographies?  Biographies are books that tell the story of a person’s life, they are usually about someone that is famous or has made some type of contribution.  Biographies are found on the big shelves in the middle of the library. Look for the biography sign on top of the shelf.

20  Biographies have B and the first three letters of the last name of the person the book is about on the spine: B WAS B WAS George Washington

21 Non-fiction books are located on the tall shelf in the middle of the library.  These are the books in which you find factual info, they are classified according to the Dewey Decimal System. The books are shelved according to their subject.

22 Books Series  We have a section in the library that are non-fiction series books. There are animal series books, space, sports, community helpers, character ed, etc.  These books are located up against the wall when you first walk in the room that houses all the books.

23 Series Books  We have a book shelf next to my office that has all the Magic School Bus books and the character ed books. You are welcome to look at these books and check them out.

24 What are reference books?  Books that are especially helpful in finding information.  They are designed to be searched for specific information and not read straight through.

25 What are the most popular reference books?  Almanacs-Yearly facts.  Dictionaries-definitions, parts of speech, spelling, syllables.  Encyclopedias-information about a specific subject.  Atlases-book of maps  Thesaurus-book of synonyms.

26 Reference books cannot be checked out!!!

27 How do you know where to locate a book in the LMC?  Use the card catalog, you can search by title, author, or subject  Our card catalog is found on the computer.  Click on internet explorer. The Jessieville website will appear.Look on left side and find the word links. Find the word libraries and then click on High School. This will take you to the card catalog.

28 Library Program This is what the library program looks like. It is called Atriuum.

29 Where do you find very current information?  Computers, magazines and reference books. –Internet –World Book

30 Computer Use  Feel free to use the computers.  Use them to look up a book with Atriuum.  Use them to research a topic.  Use them to take an AR Test  No game playing allowed on the computers.

31 What is Accelerated Reader? Accelerated Reader books have colored dots on them according to the grade level. After reading the book each child can come to the library and take a test on the computer about their Accelerated Reader book. When you pass a test you get points for it.

32 We will have rewards for AR this year. We will have rewards for AR this year. We will have the AR store where you can spend your points every nine weeks. You will spend them during your library time. We will have the AR parties this year. However the parties will be based on your growth instead of points. I will let you know when we are ready to go. We will have an AR kick off assembly. How Will Accelerated Reader Work This Year?

33 Renaissance Place  When you get ready to test on your book please do the following.  Click on internet explorer. Click the word student on the Jessieville website. Then click on Renaissance.Sign in using your lunch/library number and your 2 initials.  Example  Username-9080  Password-ds

34 Class Schedule  Come in and have a seat.  We will have class first taught by Mrs. Denise  At the end of the class period we will check out books and take Accelerated Reader tests.

35 All questions are important if you want to know something!

36 The End  Have a Great Year !

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