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As Far As the Eye Can See As Far As the Mind Can Reach.

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1 As Far As the Eye Can See As Far As the Mind Can Reach

2 Philosophy Students Come First Cant Pick Your Parents or Where Born Opportunity to Succeed Service Organization Customers Always Right Motivation

3 Programs High School – 1,513Adult Education- 2,491 Young Parent - 175 Adult ESL – 3,587

4 Male Female 49 % 51% Hispanic 65% Caucasian 19% Black 10% Asian 3% Pacific Islander 2% Native American 1% Demographics

5 Multiple Sites 7 Youth Sites 25 Adult Sites 5 Adult and Youth Sites Continuum of Service Open Entry/Open Exit Every Week Classes from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM Weekends 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

6 Referral Process Schools, Agencies, and CBOs Expectations SEOPs Assessment Test Career Interest Inventory Resume Persuasive Essay Schedule Classes

7 School Goals Advisory Period Reading – 20 minutes everyday Math in every class, everyday Writing – 10 minutes every class, everyday Student/Parent Contact and Documentation

8 Staff Expectations and Orientation Administrator - Every Class Every Day Staff Development Classroom Design – Student Tables, No Teacher Desks Staff Presence Appeal Process Child Care Social Worker/Counselor Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Mental Health Culture and Climate

9 Results Graduates-605 GEDs-166 On-Going Assessment 95% participation

10 Utah UBSCT Reading – October 2005 Basic Skills Objectives#SADA Strategies meaning of text188.328.24 Strategies understanding4520.319.8 Functional text199.59.4 Informational text2510.410.0 Literacy text198.78.6 SchoolDistrict

11 Impact Incentives: Monetary $ and Physical Stronger Placement and Follow-Up Increase Applied Course Work Parent Involvement Integrated Curricula WPU vs. FTE Continuum of Service (Traditional High Schools)

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