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Jewish History Before Jesus, Jews lived in own kingdom in what in now known as Israel.

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2 Jewish History Before Jesus, Jews lived in own kingdom in what in now known as Israel

3 Roman Empire Expansion Roman Empire destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Ruins are now called the Wailing Wall

4 Homeless Since then, Jewish people have had no rightful place to live. They had been shun from every angle of society

5 Palestinian Arab History Ottoman Empire took over what is known as the Middle East. Ottoman’s were Arabs (Muslims)

6 Zionism The movement to create a Jewish homeland

7 Middle East in 1914

8 League of Nations Mandates

9 Great Britain’s Influence After WWI, Great Britain received Palestine area. Britain allowed Jewish people to move in, but did not create a true state because wanted to continue good relations with other Arab states to gain oil

10 Jews & Arabs in Palestine, 1920 In 1920, there was 1 Jew to every 10 Arabs in Palestine. By 1947, the ratio was 2 Arabs for every Jew. The Arabs felt that they were losing control of their “country!”

11 British Mandate in Palestine Created July, 1922

12 The Holocaust 6 million Jews died under Adolf Hitler During WWII Genocide is the elimination of a racial, political or cultural group. Ended in 1945

13 Zionism even more Aggressive

14 The Creation of Israel May 14, 1948 USA was first to recognize it as a country

15 War Begins!: May 15, 1948 Palestinians invaded Israel Soviet Union provided Israel with weapons United States went over to push Palestinians back

16 Losses of Palestine Area

17 Israel: 1947 & Israel: 1949

18 Palestinian Refugees Palestinian Diaspora- The Relocating of Palestinians

19 Six-Day War (1967) § It literally took 6 days, Israel invaded and conquered the Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza Strip § While the U.S. supports Israel in their territory, no country agrees with Israel keeping these Occupied Territories of Arabs.

20 Palestine Liberation Organization Yassir Arafat "sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people." Original Goal is to end the occupation of Israelis and give freedom back to Palestinians Mahmoud Abbas

21 Camp David Accords (1979) President President Prime Minister Anwar Sadat Jimmy Carter Menachem Begin  of Egypt of the U. S. Of Israel

22 Camp David Jimmy Carter met with leaders of Egypt and Israel Israel agreed to allow Arabs into the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and would completely return Sinai Peninsula to Egypt In return, Egypt agreed to recognize Israel as a country

23 Camp David Accords (1979)

24 Palestinian Intifada-Part I (1987-1993) The radical uprisings of Palestinians against Israelis in West Bank and Gaza Strip

25 Oslo Accords (Norway) 1993 Israel Prime Minister-Yitzhak Rabin PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat USA President Bill Clinton

26 Oslo Accords Israel promised to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and West Bank Arabs allowed Israel to continue as a country with Jerusalem

27 After Thoughts Palestinians upset- thought PLO had surrendered the territory of Israel Hama, a militant group of Arabs, threatened to do anything to undo the agreement Israelis thought Rabin had sold out and would protect their homes on West Bank and Gaza Strip Since then continuous fighting, but no more talks or agreements


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