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ICT indicators in Education

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1 ICT indicators in Education
Simon Ellis Head of Communication Statistics

2 Objectives Why do we want ICTS in schools and colleges?
How do we measure ICTs in schools colleges? The answer to question 1 determines the answer to question 2

3 Some questions Does using a computer increase achievement?
Why should children use computers? Why should teachers use computers?

4 Why use computers? To increase school achievement
For employment opportunities To increase social participation For access to services and information For their own sake

5 What to measure? Content of used sites Frequency of use Nature of use
Conditions of use eg language

6 Existing data Mostly from internationally comparable school achievement tests Can be used to link ICT use to achievement Home background including home computer School conditions, including teachers’ use of computer Alternatively use household survey data

7 A Breakdown of the School Surveys

8 Coverage of Arab States

9 Access to Basic Infrastructure

10 Remote Access

11 ICT access in Schools

12 Access and Geography

13 Thailand pilot survey ~ Teachers
Total teachers , ICT trained teachers 338,726 or 42.48% Teachers per 1 PC in Primary schools 20: in Secondary schools 2.3:1 Percentage of teacher use of ICT for instruction % for administration 15% Percentage of teacher with cell phone 79% Percentage of teacher with 13.7%

14 Thai pilot survey ~ students
Percentage of students with cell phone % with computer at home % with 5.9% Percentage of students who can use a computer % use digital camera % write a webpage % Percentage of student using internet for education 9.9% internet at school % internet every week %

15 Results and outcomes No benefits to learning unless all students have personal computer No benefits to learners unless teacher has thorough knowledge of computers

16 Some successes Jordan Education Initiative Bahrain
100 pilot ‘Discovery’ schools feb 2004 linked in Jordan National Broadband Learning Network Bahrain All secondary and intermediate schools connected How to measure impact? How to replicate?



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