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Exhaust Gas After Treatment

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1 Exhaust Gas After Treatment
Seminar on Environmental Requirements for Commercial and Navy Ships for Efficient Maritime Operations and Effective Environmental Stewardship Exhaust Gas After Treatment Wilson Chu Global Business Development Manager Johnson Matthey Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, GA December 9, 2009

2 Marine Emissions Control – Market Drivers and Control Technologies
Current Norway NOx Tax Swedish Fairways Dues Green Supply Future EPA Cat. 1 & 2 NSPS IMO ECA – Cat. 3 Future GHG Current and Future DERA Voluntary Future IMO ECA Fuel Standards

3 Emission Control Technologies
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for NOx

4 Waste Incineration Plants
SCR Applications Power Plants SINOx® Products Waste Incineration Plants Gas Turbines Heavy Duty Vehicles Marine Engines Wood-Fired Boilers Stationary Engines

5 SCR Catalyst Operating Temperatures
400°F 1000°F 600°F 800°F Typical High Dust Applications in Power Plants Simple Cycle Gas Turbines Combined Cycle Power Plants IC Engines SINOx® Low Temperature Catalyst SINOx® High Temperature Catalyst Tail End Applications in Power Plants, Waste Incinerations Standard SINOx® Catalyst 550°C Marine

6 Undesired Parallel Reactions
SCR Process NOX NH3 N2 H2O Basic Reactions 4 NO + 4 NH3 + O2 à 4 N H2O 6 NO NH3 à 7 N H2O Undesired Parallel Reactions SO /2 O2 à SO3 NH3 + SO3 + H2O à NH4HSO4

7 SINOx®: Coated Honeycomb SCR
High specific surface area High activity in low-dust flue gases (low volume) Optimised pressure drop (thin metallic walls) Variable length and number of cells ( cpsi) Low-dust flue gas applications (high-grade coal, oil, gas, diesel or WIP applications)

8 SINOx®: Extruded Honeycomb SCR
High specific surface area High activity in low-dust flue gases (low volume) Optimised pressure drop Variable length and number of cells (6-300 cpsi) Low-dust flue gas applications (high-grade coal, oil, gas, diesel or WIP applications)

9 SINOx®: Coated Plate SCR
Variable pitch, minimal dust deposition High erosion, poison resistance Low pressure drop Plate-to-plate clearance, variable SSA High-dust flue gas and special applications (coal-fired, industrial processes & refinery power plants)

10 Typical Engine SCR Layout
SCR Catalyst Catalyst Reactor Housing Mixing Duct/Static Mixers Injection Lance Reductant Dosing & Control System NOx Analyser (optional) Soot Blower (optional - not shown) Reductant Tank

11 Typical SCR Installation on an OGV
Engine Exhaust Pipe SCR System Silencer

12 SCR Catalyst Reactor

13 SCR Catalysts Extruded Honeycomb SCR Catalyst

14 SCR Catalyst and Soot Blowers
Soot blowing system: Compressed air (only) in combination with solenoid valves Recommended for applications with high particle concentration (or special high dust application) Developed for use in conjunction with the multi-layer concept with reduced air consumption (10-20 Nm3/h)

15 Urea Dosing & Control System
Dosing Panel Dosing Pump Pump Station

16 Emission Control Technologies
DPF and DOC for Reducing Diesel Particulate

17 Diesel Particulate Matter (PM)
Vapour Phase Hydrocarbons Solids (SOL) Solid Carbon Spheres ( mm dia) combine with Adsorbed Hydrocarbons to make Particle Agglomerates ( mm dia) Soluble Organic Fraction (SOF) / Particle Phase Hydrocarbons Adsorbed Hydrocarbons Adsorbed Hydrocarbons Liquid Condensed Hydrocarbon Particles Sulphate with Hydration Courtesy of SAE® Sulphate (SO4)

18 DPF (Diesel Particutale Filter) DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
CRT® (Continuosly Regenerating technology) DPF – >85% PM reduction DOC – Typical 25% PM reduction ULSD required

19 DPF Applications CRT® Products Off Road Equipment Trucks
Stationary Engines Locomotives Buses

20 Emission Control Technologies
Methane Oxidation Catalyst

21 Methane Oxidation Catalysts
Development of new catalysts required to improve low temperature activity and extend catalyst life

22 Emission Control Technologies
SOx Scrubbing System

23 Scrubber System Retrofit
Achieves >97% reduction in SO2 Sea water intake and discharge Fuel cost savings STEAM COIL FOR PLUME SUPPRESSION SEAWATER DISCHARGE 11,349 kw DIESEL ENGINE

24 Johnson Matthey Marine Emissions Control Experience

25 Johnson Matthey Marine SCR and DOC Emissions Control Experience
NOx Control (SCR) 52 Ocean Going Vessels 162 SCR systems Category 3 Diesel Engines Boilers APU PM Control (DOC) NY Water Taxi Fuel: HFO, MDO And Diesel Fuel: ULSD

26 Staten Island Ferry - NYC Transit
Alice Austen Staten Island Ferry Engines: 2 x CAT 3516 A Exhaust gas flow ACFM Temperature: 752°F NOx Reduction: < 3 g/kWh (~ 70%) SCR installed: 2004

27 New York Water Taxi 600 Hp Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine DOC
Seaworthy Systems, Inc. 600 Hp Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine DOC 25% PM reduction Direct muffler replacement Installed 2006 Courtesy New York Water Taxi

28 LNG Carrier, Norway Project: „Golar Spirit“ SINOx® Installed: 2008
Application: 2 x Regas Boiler (77 t/h) Exhaust Gas Flow: Nm³/h Fuel: LNG/HFO Temperature: °C Catalyst Type: SW 30 Honeycomb Catalyst Volume: 24,12 m³ Exhaust NOx: 180 mg/Nm³ NH3 Slip: 5 mg/Nm³

29 LNG Carrier, Belgium Project: x LNG Carrier, Exmar „Ecellence/Excelerate“ SINOx® Installed: Exhaust Gas Flow: 2 x Nm³/h Application: 2 x 70t/h Regas Boiler (each) Fuel: HFO/MDO Temperature: °C Urea Consumption: 40 % Catalyst Type: SW 30 Honeycomb Catalyst Volume: ,62 m³ Exhaust NOx : mg/Nm³

30 Merchant Vessel, Sweden
Project: „MS Timbus“ SINOx® Installed: Type MaK 8M32 (Main)/ MAN 6L16/24 (Aux.) Power ,840kW / 540 kW (Aux.) Exhaust Gas Flow ,000 / 3,000 Nm3/h Fuel HFO / MDO Temperature / 336° C Urea Consumption : / 8 l/h Catalyst Type SW 30 Honeycomb Catalyst Volume 3 m³/engine (Main) 0.4 m³/engine (Aux.) Exhaust NOx: g/kWh

31 Supply Vessel Work Ship
Project: „Supply Vessel/Work ship“ Kleven Exhaust gas flow: m³/h Engine type: 2 x MAN 6L 32/40, 2 x MAN 8L 21/31 Fuel: MGO Temperature: ° C SINOx® Installed: 2007 Catalyst type: SW 40 Catalyst volume: 3,8 m³ NOx Reduction: g/kWh

32 Wilson Chu Johnson Matthey 484-320-2119
Contact Us Wilson Chu Johnson Matthey

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