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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level One Mandatory Update.

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1 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level One Mandatory Update

2 Aims The learner will be able to demonstrate their understanding of: The categories of abuse The indicators of different types of abuse The process to follow when abuse is suspected

3 Definition of Abuse ‘ A violation of an individual’s human and civil rights by an act, or a failure to act, on the part of another person or persons. Abuse may consist of a single or repeated act of neglect or failure to act or it may occur when a vulnerable person is persuaded. 4.4

4 DVD 3mins If you see something, say something If you see something, say something

5 Definition of a vulnerable adult A “vulnerable adult”, is a person 18 years of age or older. Who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness AND Who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself OR Is unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures 4.1

6 Examples of Acts of Omission Inadequate assessment & planning of an individuals needs The neglect of an individual's personal care needs Failure to give pain relief Not communicating with and ignoring patients & / or their relatives/carers Too hasty discharge from hospital

7 A Key Act of Omission Failure to take action in your role when you suspect a person in your care has been or is being abused Recognise abuse Respond Record Report Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

8 8 Responding to a Disclosure Don’t: Do not be judgmental (eg ‘Why didn’t you try to stop them?) Do not break confidentiality agreed between the person disclosing the information, yourself and your line manager Do not gossip with other staff members or service users about the information shared with you (ie: ‘It’s awful, you’ll never guess what I’ve just been told.)

9 9 RCHT Internal process Ensure the person is not in danger and protect from harm Make a factual report in the patients medical record Simultaneously inform your line manager and document that you have done so Discuss with manager before any decision to make a formal alert If your line manager is the abuser or is otherwise uncontactable contact the clinical site co-ordinator on bleep 2634 When it is decided that a formal safeguarding alert is needed phone the access team on 03001234131 to make verbal alert. ALSO Complete a Datix web incident report

10 10 Raising a concern (Whistle blowing) procedure If you raise a genuine concern under this policy, you will: not be at risk of dismissal demotion pay reduction failure to renew a contract failure to gain potential promotion or other detrimental action. Provided you are acting in good faith, it does not matter if you are mistaken.

11 Lead Safeguarding Nurse Zoe Mclean 0782789752 Bleep 3095 All patients with a Learning Disability or Autism must be referred to the Acute Liaison Nurses for Learning Disabilities Education Corridor, Treliske. Lead Daniella Rubio-Mayer 07827903729 Bleep 3054 Email. For Out of hours leave referrals on answer phone site co-ordinator. Specialist Nurse for Mental Health and Wellbeing Lerryn Hogg Via: Ext 2446 or Mobile 07789 876247 Independent Domestic Violence Advocates Susie Brown & Anna Onslow Can be contacted via switch board

12 Looked After Children (Children In Care) Looked after children are particularly vulnerable. It needs to be clear as to who has parental consent. The child may be in foster care or with extended family. Please ensure Children in Care team are informed if a Child in Care is admitted to hospital, attends ED,or fails to attend clinic appointments.

13 sTrust/Websites/Internet/OurServices/AZServices/F/Forms/Forms ToPrint/CHA3122SafeguardingVulnerableAdultInternalAlertPrepar ationAndReferral.pdf sTrust/Websites/Internet/OurServices/AZServices/F/Forms/Forms ToPrint/CHA3122SafeguardingVulnerableAdultInternalAlertPrepar ationAndReferral.pdf Questions? CHA3122 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Internal Alert Preparation and Referral

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