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Middleton Parish Church School Reading Meeting Welcome.

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1 Middleton Parish Church School Reading Meeting Welcome


3 Letters and Sounds Phonic based programme 6 phases (Reception usually covers phase 2 – 3) - Phase 1 Develops the importance of developing reading and listening - Phase 2 Marks the beginning of systematic high quality phonic work - Phase 3 Continues and builds on skills and knowledge acquired in phase 2 20 minute daily sessions

4 Letters and Sounds Letter names Letter sounds Blend sounds to read Segment sounds to spell Sound book sent home every day to support sounds taught in school jolly phonics songs how to pronounce sounds

5 Play Club Bags Support phonic teaching in school At home – parent led Fun! Exciting!

6 Shared Reading Book of the week Formal pre-planned teaching objectives Whole class reading together Activities based on book Fiction and non-fiction

7 Guided Reading Small groups Twice a week Banded books Practice skills at a level appropriate to the group Fiction and non-fiction

8 Bug Club Computer based Supports guided reading Books released each week Work at your pace Individual www.bugclub.c

9 Individual Reading Child reading to themselves or an adult Banded book Take book home Practice skills at a level appropriate to individual children Fiction and non-fiction

10 Other School Reading Activities Reading area Role play Writing area Lotto games Songs and rhymes Messages Story time Sound Games Alphabet songs Whiteboard Signs and labels

11 When will my child start reading? They already have! At home – soon! Children will begin by bring picture books home Individual reading books will be rolled out over coming weeks as children are blending sounds

12 What will my child start reading? Oxford Reading Tree Banded book linked to national curriculum levels Most will begin on pink REMEMBER – IT IS NOT A RACE!

13 Meet The Family! Mum Dad Biff Floppy Chip Kipper

14 Writing / Mark Making Stages:- 1.Scribble 2.Pre writing-drawing 3.Letter like forms 4.Random letter strings 5.Invented spellings 6.Conventional spelling Shared Writing Guided Writing Independent

15 Numicon Multi-sensory maths teaching programme Direct teaching Available in areas of the classroom On the whiteboard

16 How Can You Help at Home? Collection of books Library Signs and labels Story times Message board Computer Read to your child Magnetic letters Sound Games Alphabet songs Family names Educational TV Adults behaving as readers

17 Expectations Read with your child EVERY night! Practice sounds EVERY night! Return the book bag and sound book to school EVERY day! Sign and / or comment in the reading record.

18 Expectations Guided reading twice a week Individual reading books will be changed once or twice a week Sound book updated daily

19 Expectations Government expect that at the END of the reception year children can: read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.

20 Reading Reading is fun and one of the most exciting things that any of us can do Each child is an individual and develops at their own speed When teaching children to read we want them to read and be readers

21 If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. TV

22 Open your child's imagination. Open a book!

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