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Wamuyu Mahinda Executive Director.

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1 Wamuyu Mahinda Executive Director

2 INTRODUCTION. The Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT) is an initiative of Youth Business International (YBI) and is modeled after the Prince’s Trust whose three main objectives are:

3 Working with disadvantaged youth between the age of 18 to 30 years.
Providing start up capital for those with viable business propositions but are unable to find finance else where. Providing successful applicants with volunteer business mentor and full access to the organization’s local and national business support network.

4 THE CHALLENGES FACING YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS IN NAIROBI- A group of 22 youth entrepreneurs interviewed.
Start-up/Working capital Youth Attitude Extended Family and community responsibilities Placing the cart before the donkey Cultural expectations and conventions Education system Role Models Government policies

5 Giving Youth An Opportunity.
Proven Elements Of Successful Programs For Entrepreneurship Development. Giving Youth An Opportunity. KYBT recognizes that there are young people who have the potential to become entrepreneurs but have no means b) Believing In the Youth by:- Giving the youth his/her dream Helping them develop their business ideas Availing Funds Allocating mentors to the Youth. Visiting them. Treating them with respect and appreciation.

6 c) Stringent vetting process
Youth should realize that nothing comes on a sliver platter, least not funds! Tapping the local business support network Youth issues are community issues and everybody who can should get involved

7 What Doesn’t Work. Adopting programmes without customization.
Ignoring the local culture. Working independent of other youth organizations. Making decisions for the youth without including them. Not having specific government policies on Youth.

8 Conclusion. KYBT sees itself as part player in the noble goal of ensuring a good, sustainable future for the youth and appreciates the work done by other partner bodies. KYBT also notes the work already done by the Kenyan government, notably the Kenya National Youth Policy passed by cabinet on 15th January, 2004 which sets guidelines and proposals from which strategies can be developed to facilitate participation of the youth in national developed.

9 The responsibility of ensuring a good and sustainable future however does not only lie with the government but also with the private sector, the development partners, NGO’s, CBO’s and more so the youth. It is also hoped that this empowerment of the youth economically and the creation of a sustainable and increasing entrepreneur group and spirit will be a continuous exercise.

10 TEL: /603746 PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Wilken Telecoms House, Opp Wilson Police Station. POSTAL ADDRESS: Kenya Youth Business Trust, P.O.Box 2410 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.

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