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2 National Sponsor Event Partners AGENDA 6.00pm – 6.30pm: Registrations & Name Tags 6.30 pm: Welcome by Sheba Nandkeolyar AIBC NSW President 6.35pm: Presentation by DD Saxena, Managing Director, ROBE 6.55pm: Address by Arun Kumar Goel, Consul General of India 7.05pm: Address by Chris Hanger, NSW Trade & Investment, Director Regional Programs & Services 7.10pm: Vote of Thanks by Scott Olding KPMG, Partner R&D Incentives 7.20pm – 8.30pm: Networking & Refreshments

3 National Sponsor Event Partners Sheba Nandkeolyar AIBC NSW President Welcome by

4 National Sponsor Event Partners DD Saxena Managing Director, ROBE ROBE presentation by

5 National Sponsor Event Partners

6 National Sponsor Event Partners

7 National Sponsor Event Partners Riverina Oils & Bio Energy is the single largest Green Field Investment in the Agri/Food Processing Sector in the last five years in Australia.

8 National Sponsor Event Partners Resource – Agri/Food Processing Opportunities Renewal and not finite resource Long term sustainable growth / market demand increase Geographical competitive edge / cannot be outsourced Diversity / flexibility of product market mix Dependent on land, sun, water, people and technology

9 National Sponsor Event Partners The food processing industry is the largest manufacturing employer in Australia with more than 312,000 jobs. While progressive firms want to take part in the global food boom, the reality is that their businesses are struggling within a nexus of a high dollar and insufficient government attention to this sector. Steve Howard Secretary General The Global Foundation

10 National Sponsor Event Partners

11 National Sponsor Event Partners Why Australia? Sustainable agricultural benefit Cost competitiveness of raw material Scalability High Quality/Efficiency Growing market requirements for refined oils and protein meal

12 National Sponsor Event Partners Why Wagga Wagga? Agricultural hub of Riverina Diversity of oilseed production Logistics and storage facilities Skill and talent locally available Raw material and market access Supportive governmental agencies Availability of good quality infrastructure

13 National Sponsor Event Partners

14 National Sponsor Event Partners Business Rationale Australia exports oilseed but imports both edible oil and protein mealThe crush margins in Australia are highest in the world Growing demand for healthier vegetable oils and supplementary animal feed in domestic market Sustainable and consistent raw material supply of various oilseeds from a number of regions ROBE project will be the only solvent extracted fully integrated crushing & refining plant located in the growing region and not at ports Globally competitive pricing for oilseed exports, yet very high domestic prices for finished products Significant demand growth in Asia, particularly China and India

15 National Sponsor Event Partners 15 Latest technology from Desmet Ballestra/Best Plant in Australia (Yields, Lower Conversion Cost, Quality) Multiple oilseed (safflower, canola, soybean, (sunflower)) Quality – One of the Best Maximum re-use of water (WWTP + RO) Latest Environmental Plant in the world Processing Plant – Salient Features

16 National Sponsor Event Partners

17 National Sponsor Event Partners ROBE Project Impact – Current & Future 80 direct jobs, 200 construction jobs, over 500 indirect jobs Direct and Indirect Labour Sustainable long-term partnerships with farming community Incremental expansion of 75,000 hectares of oilseeds production in NSW Benefits to Agricultural sector Estimated over a 10 year period : $50 million in Utilities Estimated corporate tax over 10 years: $30 million Revenues to Government and Utility Providers $250 million in 10 years Import Substitution Over $100 million in exports to Asia and $150 million import substitute of protein meal for animal feeds in 5 years. Export impact Project has significant multiplier benefits to regional Australia and Food/Agri business Multiplier Benefits

18 National Sponsor Event Partners

19 National Sponsor Event Partners Riverina Oils & Bio Energy is the first collaborative Indo-Chinese investment in Australia. First Green Field Investment Funded by Indian Bank(State Bank of India and AXIS Bank) in Food Agri Sector. The Australian agricultural sector is in need of capital and working collaboratively with foreign investors will become increasingly important.

20 National Sponsor Event Partners Value Addition is critical to the future of the Agri/Food Processing Sector in Australia and central to the ROBE business proposition.

21 National Sponsor Event Partners

22 National Sponsor Event Partners ROBEs Key Strategic Partners Shareholders SP Chemicals, China Asia wide Holdings, Singapore Lotus Ventures, New York Bhoruka Industries, India Banks State Bank of India Axis Bank Technology Partners Desmet Ballestra Arian Engineering Supply and off-take customers Wilmar Gavillon Marico India ROBEs investors/partners include blue-chip companies and banks who will influence future investments in Australia.

23 National Sponsor Event Partners Just as we have become a minerals and energy giant, Australia can be a great provider of reliable, high quality food to meet Asias growing needs. In doing this, we are not just an exporter of commodities, but a partner in growing international markets and a provider of higher value products and services for the global food industry. Julia Gillard at the Global Foundation Summit Melbourne 3 rd May 2012 From the Prime Minister

24 National Sponsor Event Partners India will grow Rich before it goes Grey….. India has always been and will continue to be a priority for me and my party! Hon Tony Abbott 2012 Annual Dinner Address Australia India Business Council, NSW Leader of the Federal Opposition

25 National Sponsor Event Partners

26 National Sponsor Event Partners Conclusion ROBE has potential of becoming a market leader in Australia. It has a platform and foundation to impact and participate in the Oilseed/Oil/Veg protein Industry which will benefit Farmers, Infrastructure and value added exports. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all those of you who have been a part of this journey and supported ROBE throughout.

27 National Sponsor Event Partners Arun Kumar Goel Consul General of India, Sydney Address by

28 National Sponsor Event Partners Chris Hanger NSW Trade & Investment, Director Regional Programs & Services Address by

29 National Sponsor Event Partners Scott Olding KPMG, Partner, R&D Incentives Vote of Thanks by

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