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ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review Regional Ministerial Meeting on Promoting Health Literacy Beijing, China 29-30 April 2009 Building capacity to increase.

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1 ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review Regional Ministerial Meeting on Promoting Health Literacy Beijing, China 29-30 April 2009 Building capacity to increase health literacy K C Tang, Scientist - Health Promotion, WHO Geneva

2 2 |2 | Outline What type of capacity building activities are needed? What skills and support do health practitioners need? How can various stakeholders increase health literacy?

3 3 |3 | What types of activities Organizational capacity Workforce capacity Community capacity

4 4 |4 | Workforce capacity Two focal concerns No shortage of practitioners High level of competency among practitioners

5 5 |5 | Plan health promotion and education actions Build partnership Empower community Market healthy practices Manage activities Develop self and other professional's competency (NSW Dept of Health 1994) Workforce capacity Competency standards for practitioners

6 6 |6 | Dear Parent (as addressed), Council records indicated that Natasha Stevens is due/overdue for the following vaccination: TRIPLE ANTIGEN1ST2ND3RDCUT POLIOMYELITIS1ST2ND3RD4TH MEASLES/MUMPSTRIPLE BOOSTER Please present your child with this card for vaccination at the Lower Civic Hall at 2:20 PM on 14th Dec. If unable to attend or wish to change the appointment date, or you do not intend to continue, continuing elsewhere or changing address. Please contact the HEALTH DEPARTMENT, TOWNHALL, STUART STREET, BALLARAT. PHONE 313277(Hawe et al 1998) Outcome of increased competency (1)

7 7 |7 | Outcome of increased competency (2) Dear Mrs Stevens, MEASLES is still a problem, in BALLARAT, particularly for children aged under the age of 2 years. Some children suffer severe complications. The children who are most likely to catch measles are those who have not been immunized. Immunization is very effective. There is almost no chance of side effects. Clinics are held at the Lower Civic Hall in Main Street from 2-3:40 PM EVERY SECOND WEDNESDAY. Immunization is free! The next clinic is on Wednesday 14 December. If Natasha is not yet immunized against the measles you should bring him along. Regards. Bob Scurry Health Department Enquires: PH 313277 (Hawe et al 1998)

8 8 |8 | Outcome of increased competency (3) Results 1st week3rd week5th week Usual card405767 HBM card496879 % changed 91112

9 9 |9 | Organizational capacity The capacity of MOH to promote health Expertise of individual practitioners is necessary but not sufficient Other capacity building action areas as well, including policy and plans, financing, information, partnership and delivery mechanisms

10 10 | Strengthening health systems Leadership and governance Service delivery Information Financing Human resources Medicines & technology WHR 2007

11 11 | Partnerships among NGOs, private sector and government Program Delivery Professional Development Health promotion financing Policies and Plans Core of expertise Collaborative mechanisms within Government Information systems A B C D E F Partnership focus within government Policy focus within government Partnership focus outside government Policy focus outside government

12 12 | Organizational capacity SADC Capacity Building Programme

13 13 | Organizational capacity Health promotion financing Special levy on products Mandatory funding from general revenue Payments from health insurance funds Payments from social insurance schemes A set percentage from national health budget Grants and loans from aid organizations

14 14 | An example of building organizational capacity Advocate for expanding the finance base Assist in the setting up Health Promotion Foundations Develop a measure to determine health promotion spending in national health accounts Explore the possibility of inclusion of a health promotion component in social health insurance schemes

15 15 | Community capacity Problem Solving ability Participation Commitment Knowledge About community Community facilities Literacy

16 16 | An example of Building community capacity Increase health literacy through improved knowledge, adherence and access to anti retroviral treatment of opportunistic infection among people living with HIV/AIDs in Thailand (Aree Kumphitak et al 2004)

17 17 | An example of Building community capacity Health education Mutual support Participation in the delivery of treatment & care Availability of quality and affordable medicines (Aree Kumphitak et al 2004)

18 18 | What knowledge & skills are required A workforce with the right skills mixed - teachers, communications experts, social and political scientists, engineers, lawyers and managers

19 19 | What knowledge & skills are required Health Care System – improved access Government – regulatory role Society – support for individuals' role in home based care Media – access to reliable, understandable information Education – school, adult and professional education Business – employee health and safety programme (IOM Roundtable on HL, 2006)

20 20 | How to increase HL by stakeholders (1) Govt / Civil Society / Media / Industry / Universities etc Su pport research / policy analysis Provide seed funding for sustained action Synthesize evidence and compile technical guides Set up demonstration projects Train the trainers Undertake responsible marketing Provide quality and affordable medicines

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