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SMART Goals: Short and Long Term

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1 SMART Goals: Short and Long Term

2 Why do we need goals? Goals give direction and provide focus
They can be set by Individuals Families Businesses Other groups

3 Goal A conscious aim that requires planning and effort to achieve
Short Term Goal: Can accomplish soon (in the next few weeks Mid Term Goal: Can accomplish in the next few months Long Term Goal: Can accomplish in the future (a year or more away)

4 Fixed and Flexible Goals
Fixed goal: a goal that can be met only at a certain time (if you want to make the basketball team, you need to be ready when tryouts take place) Flexible goals can be short, mid, or long term

5 Identifying Goals Be realistic Use your values Set priorities
decide which needs and wants are more important than others Be realistic

6 SMART Goals Specific Exactly what is to be done Measurable
Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress Attainable Determine how it can be reached Realistic Do not set the goal for something unattainable or unrealistic Time Bound Specifically state when the goal needs to be reached

7 Short-term I plan to save $10.00 from my monthly paycheck for eight months to purchase a new pair of $80 running shoes for track season Long-term I plan to save $25.00 from each bi-monthly paycheck for two years to have $1,200 towards a down payment for a used car when I turn 18 years old

8 Practice Writing Goals
Come up with ONE short term and ONE long term goal for yourself Write them down on a sheet of paper

9 How Did You Do? Evaluate your goal and identify if each component of a SMART goal was included. Re-write your goals to be SMART goals! Share your goals with the class.

10 Achieve Your Goal Analyze the goal---is it worthwhile?
Put goals in writing---you are more likely to accomplish them if they are written! Make a commitment---believe in yourself and don’t get side tracked Consider your resources a resource is something that you need in order to accomplish a goal

11 Examining Resources Human resources--your skills, other people and their skills Material resources--tangible items such as time, money, tools, equipment Community resources--community facilities (YMCA, library, etc.)

12 REVIEW QUESTIONS What purpose do goals serve?
Identify the following goals as short term or long term: going to a dance this week getting into college learning to play the piano improving grades this nine weeks Define and give an example of a fixed goal and a flexible goal List the three main types of resources you might use to accomplish a goal and give an example of each

5. List the five components of a smart goal. 6. How do you use values to set priorities among goals? 7. Identify a goal for yourself and then determine what you think is the most important resource for accomplishing that goal. Explain your answer. 8. How might the following affect goal achievement: income level, degree of self-esteem, disabilities, personality

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