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Mended Hearts 60 th Annual Convention and Mended Little Hearts Leadership Training Photos.

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1 Mended Hearts 60 th Annual Convention and Mended Little Hearts Leadership Training Photos

2 Mended Hearts President, Gus Littlefield enjoying himself during the Meet & Greet evening band and entertainment.

3 From left to right - Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, John Maiorana; Southwest Regional Director and Convention Chair, Millie Henn; Midwest Regional Director, Connie Butler; Northeast Regional Director, Bob Scott.

4 From left to right – Former MLH of Silicon Valley, CA Lead Coordinator, Andrea Himmelberger; and MLH of Greater Rochester, NY Lead Coordinator, Jennifer Kowal.

5 Citrus County/Inverness, FL Chapter #367 President, Millie King; and Chapter #367 Visiting Chair, Marylou Magrino.

6 Mended Hearts Field Services Director, Marcia Baker and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, John Maiorana decked out in their western-themed attire for the Saturday night Meet & Greet reception.

7 Convention Exhibit Coordinator, Frank Cecco, and his wife Bobbi. Bobbi also serves as Northeast Assistant Regional Director, and Convention Hospitality Coordinator.

8 Past MHI President, Raul Fernandes, and Northeast Assistant Regional Director, Larry Feldman.

9 Central Assistant Regional Director, Bruce Norris and his wife, Louise; and Sherry Gay chat during a break.

10 Washington D.C. Chapter #94 President, Neal Gregory asks a question in the general session.

11 MLH Group Excellence Award winner, Megan Setzer; MLH Group Coordinator of MLH of Winchester, VA presented at the MLH Leadership Training dinner.

12 MLH Group Excellence runner-up Julie Stucki; MLH Group Coordinator of MLH of Evansville, IN receives award at the MLH Leadership Training.

13 Southern Regional Director and Mended Heart of the Year Award winner, Marvin Keyser.

14 From left to right - Past MHI President, Margaret Elbert; Priscilla Soucy; and Midwest Regional Director, Connie Butler.

15 Dallas, TX Chapter #30 President, National Newsletter Chair, and Master of Ceremonies, Jim Bushnell.

16 National Internet Visitor of the Year awardee Bill Worthington (left) of Ft. Worth Chapter #240 received his award from Gus Littlefield.

17 Larry Polsley, President of Columbia, SC Chapter #189, presents the Hospital of the Year Award to Providence Hospital Volunteer Services Director, Trudy Roberts at the Thursday lunch session.

18 Newport News Chapter # 119 Chapter President, Clarence Clodfelter and his wife, Pauline visit with Southwest Regional Director and National Convention Chair, Millie Henn and her husband, Stan.

19 Dr. Jodie L. Hurwitz, MD, FHRS, Cardiac Electrophysiologist, North Texas Heart Center, presenting, Understanding and Managing Atrial Fibrillation.

20 Mended Hearts member at large, Heidi Dohse shares her heart story, A Broken Heart is not the End, Just the Beginning of a New Adventure.

21 Heidi Dohse in her CardioSmart cycling outfit.

22 Keynote speaker, Donna Hartley, presenting Fire Up Your Heart.

23 Attendees direct their attention towards the guest speaker.

24 National Visiting Chair and Mid-Atlantic Assistant Regional Director, Don Arvay, listening to the keynote speaker.

25 Sherrie Wilson, EMT-P, visits with Dallas Chapter #30 President and Master of Ceremonies, Jim Bushnell. Sherrie presented the CPR Stayin Alive general session.

26 Southern Assistant Regional Director, Lynn Frierson introduces Sherrie Wilson, presenter for the CPR StayinAlive session.

27 Mended Hearts members practice administering CPR in Sherrie C. Wilsons session, Stayin Alive : What to Do in an Emergency.

28 From left to right: Midwest Regional Director; Connie Butler, Mid-Atalantic Regional Director; John Maiorana, Member at large, Debi Wolla; and Central Regional Director, Jana Stewart.

29 Jo Basel, Technologies Coordinator, AHA teaching Computer Skills Labs I and II.

30 Mended Hearts members listen to Jo Basels helpful tips in Computer Skills Labs I and II.

31 Chapter # 16 Lynchburg, VA Chapter President, Carol Bryant hurries off to her next session.

32 Mended Hearts President, Gus Littlefield, presides over the Annual Meeting.

33 Convention attendees listen as MHI President, Gus Littlefield, conducts the 60th Annual Meeting.

34 The Mended Hearts Caregiver Committee from left to right – Harry Eckert, Tom Smith, Cheyenne Gibbs, Angela Manriquez, Jennifer Kowal, Judy Dube, and Mended Hearts Field Services Director, Marcia Baker.

35 MHI President, Gus Littlefield and MHI member and keynote speaker, Heidi Dohse.

36 Mended Hearts Cleveland, OH President Chapter # 138, Scott Eitman.

37 Author and caregiver, Dee Marella, presenting, Everything About Me: A Guide to My Future Caregivers.

38 Michele Shinn, President of Chapter # 266, Charleston, SC.

39 Photographer Bob Lincoln, Mended Hearts Chapter # 9 - Hartford, CT.

40 Western Regional Director, Patrick Farrant, announcing the Mended Hearts 2013 convention destination in San Diego.

41 Please join us in San Diego June 5-9, 2013!

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