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Leadership P3 Describe attributes needed by a team leader.

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1 Leadership P3 Describe attributes needed by a team leader

2 Learning Objectives Explore and examine the different type of leaders in business. To recognise the skills and attributes needed by a team leader to manage teams in business

3 Starter Activity Two pictures of various leaders (Politicians, Football Managers, myself) given to students on each table to decide was this a good or bad leader? (10 Mins)

4 Group Activity Students to participate in a group activity where they do a spider diagrams and brain storming on what skills and attributes are needed by a leader. (10 Mins)

5 Short video on leadership styles (5 Mins)
Type of Leadership Random Student to read out learning Objectives after activity. Short video on leadership styles (5 Mins)

6 Leadership Definition
Leadership is "organising a group of people to achieve a common goal."

7 Leadership Leadership skills are important. Leaders get things done and they make change happen. The leader gives direction to others. Management involves making sure that various tasks are carried out well and that resources are used efficiently. Leadership goes further by doing things in new and different ways, and persuading others to follow your direction.

8 Types of Leadership Style

9 Types of Leadership Style
Autocratic: Leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else High degree of dependency on the leader Can create de-motivation and alienation of staff May be valuable in some types of business where decisions need to be made quickly and decisively

10 Types of Leadership Style
Democratic: Encourages decision making from different perspectives – leadership may be emphasised throughout the organisation Consultative: process of consultation before decisions are taken Persuasive: Leader takes decision and seeks to persuade others that the decision is correct

11 Types of Leadership Style
Democratic: May help motivation and involvement Workers feel ownership of the firm and its ideas Improves the sharing of ideas and experiences within the business Can delay decision making

12 Types of Leadership Style
Laissez-Faire: ‘Let it be’ – the leadership responsibilities are shared by all Can be very useful in businesses where creative ideas are important Can be highly motivational, as people have control over their working life Can make coordination and decision making time-consuming and lacking in overall direction Relies on good team work Relies on good interpersonal relations

13 Types of Leadership Style
Paternalistic: Leader acts as a ‘father figure’ Paternalistic leader makes decision but may consult Believes in the need to support staff


15 Group Activity Class to be divided into several groups group and a different styles of leadership will be given to each student to do as a group presentation. (15 mins to prepare and 5 minutes each to present.

16 Pair Activity Learners to research on 1 leader of their choice in pairs. (i.e. Football manager, politician or anybody else. (20 Mins)

17 Plenary What is the difference between a leader and a manager?
Can you identify examples of good leaders? Why are they good leaders?

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