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Strengthening STI synergies between EU, Eastern European and Central Asian countries Dr. George Bonas ICBSS and NHRF.

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1 Strengthening STI synergies between EU, Eastern European and Central Asian countries Dr. George Bonas ICBSS and NHRF

2 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.2 ICBSS and S&T: Starting with BSEC… The BS-ResPot project (2004 – 2006) –ICBSS; Joanneum Research/AT; STEPS Centre/NAS-UA; TUBA/TR –The first FP project of the ICBSS and the first attempt to study to S&T landscape in BSEC –Country by country (vertical); but also –Horizontal, i.e. indicators across countries The BSEC (1 st ) Action Plan in S&T

3 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.3 Starting with BSEC and… going beyond Two IncoNets for EECA IncoNet EECA: –International Cooperation Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) IncoNet CA/SC: –International Cooperation Network for Central Asia and South Caucasus (CA/SC)

4 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.4 IncoNet EECA:Technical data Large consortium of 23 Partners coordinated by the ICBSS, including –EECA: 9 countries (AR, AZ, BL, GE, KZ, MO, RU, UA, UZ) Plus activities for Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan –EU/AC & MD: 12 countries (AT, BG, DE, EE, SF, GR, MD, NO, PL, RO, SE, TR) Budget: 3.6 M Duration: 4,5 years Under implementation since 1/1/2008

5 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.5 IncoNet CA/SC: Technical data –Consortium focusing on CA and SC: 15 countries: 6 EU/AC + 8 CA/SC + MD 28 institutions: 8 EU/AC + 19 CA/SC + MD –Budget: 1.6 M –Duration: 3 years –Under implementation since 1/4/2010

6 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.6 IncoNet EECA : overall structure Three parallel but interlinked layers addressing: I.Policy aspects; Policy Stakeholder Conferences Other EU policies (ENPI, DCI, etc.) II.Analyses, Quality and Dissemination (S&T Indicators, Cooperation Patterns, key institutions); III.Enhancing participation in FP7

7 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.7 IncoNet CA/SC : overall structure Similar to IncoNet EECA with namely: I.Policy aspects; II.Analyses, Quality and Dissemination III.Enhancing participation in FP7 But with : -More and/or dedicated activities for CA and SC (e.g. Sub-regional PSC); -Specific studies

8 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.8 I. Policy aspects Organization of Policy Stakeholder Conferences (PSC) bringing together policy makers and scientists from EU and EECA –To identify fields of mutual interest for cooperation; –To investigate existing barriers; –To propose priorities for action Organization of Workshops to feed the PSC or as a follow-up activity Investigation of synergies with other EU policies (ENPI, DCI, Innovation, etc.)

9 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.9 II. Analyses, Quality and Dissemination (1/2) Study on S&T Indicators (quality of data, incompatibilities, etc.) Study on S&T Cooperation Patterns (existing Programmes, best practices) Mapping of key institutes (according to specific criteria) Study on successful participations in FPs (drivers, difficulties, etc.)

10 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.10 II. Analyses, Quality and Dissemination (2/2) Quality control of the Deliverables and of the project (internal peer review, SWOT, etc.) Study on the Sustainability of the activities (co-ownership? co-funding?) Intense Dissemination activities: –Central Information Office and network of Regional Correspondents –Portal for the EU-EECA S&T cooperation

11 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.11 III.Enhancing participation in FP7 Strengthening the participation of researchers from the region in FP7 –Increase participation in the core activities of FP7 (Info Days and BE) –Thematic Workshops (SICAs, topics with recommended participation from EECA, etc.) –Activities for the People, Ideas and Capacities Programmes of FP7 Support the NCPs/NIPs in EECA (Training, assistance, links)

12 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.12 Achievements (1/3) Five Policy Stakeholder Conferences already organized –Athens/2009: S&T landscape; –Moscow/2010: Mobility issues; –Astana/2011: Evaluation approaches; –Warsaw/2011: the White Paper; –Kiev/2012: Innovation PSC scheduled in fall 2012 (Tbilisi): Societal Challenges

13 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.13 The White Paper on the EU- EECA S&T cooperation Recommendations for actions in: Adjusting and implementing policy strategies; Strengthening Research institutions; Strengthening Human Resources; Strengthening the role of the Private sector; Strengthening sub-regional cooperation.

14 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.14 Achievements (2/3) Several studies already available: –On S&T Indicators; –On S&T cooperation Patterns; –On Key Institutions Policy Mix reviews (of S&T systems) in KZ and MD Benchmarking exercise of Nanotech Institutes in AR, BG, BY, KZ The Central Information Office and the IncrEAST Portal are fully operational

15 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.15 Achievements (3/3) Many events implemented to enhance participation in FP7: –4 BEs: Astana, Kyiv, Warsaw, Yerevan –5 Info Days: Dushanbe, Minsk, Moscow, Tashkent, Tbilisi –6 Thematic Workshops: Athens, Chisinau, Kyiv, Minsk, Tbilisi Training sessions for the NCP/NIP structures in EECA took place both in EECA and in EU

16 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.16 Assessment (1/3) The PSCs constitute a very useful tool for the identification of priorities, barriers, actions. The PSCs can only partially replace a more formal policy dialogue, which: –would need a mandate (EC, MS) –would have an increased impact in EECA countries

17 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.17 Assessment (2/3) Co-ownership from most of the EECA partners is limited in the policy dialogue and in several other activities. The EU side and partners are the main driving force. Significant barriers exist among the different EU Instruments (FP, ENPI, DCI, etc.). Communication channels and synergies should be developed

18 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.18 Assessment (3/3) The strength of the IncoNets is in the support of S&T policy dialogue, through studies and other activities aiming at the identification of priorities for action (e.g. the White Paper) that feed the dialogue

19 G. Bonas, ICBSS symp.19 Information on the IncoNets can be found: - In the EECA Portal: - In the projects web sites: Thank you for your attention!

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