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CMII of ICAI- An Overview. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Established by an Act of Indian Parliament.

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1 CMII of ICAI- An Overview

2 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Established by an Act of Indian Parliament

3 Our Mission The Indian Accountancy Profession will be the Valued Trustee of World Class Financial competencies, Good Governance and Competitiveness

4 Profile of ICAI Was set up in 1949 under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 even before adoption of Constitution of India in 1950 Since then Profession has grown leaps and bounds in terms of Membership and Student base

5 Profession in India 1,60,000 Members spread throughout the world Sizeable studentship base – 6,50,000 Increase in percentage of members joining industry CAs are rendering services in every walk of economic life Government of India looks at ICAI as Partner in Nation Building Technical Standards based on International Standards

6 ICAI Profile ParticularsNo. ORGANIZATIONAL Head OfficeNew Delhi Regional Offices5 Chennai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai Branches126 Chapters Abroad22

7 Role of ICAI To regulate the profession of Accountancy Education & Examination of Chartered Accountancy Exercise Disciplinary Jurisdiction Input on Policy matters to Government Ensuring Standards of performance of Members Formulation of Accounting Standards Prescription of Engagement and Quality Control Standards Laying down Ethical Standards Continuing Professional Education Financial Report Review Monitoring Quality through Peer Review Conducting Post Qualification Courses

8 ICAI Network Chapters Abroad Abu Dhabi Bahrain Botswana Doha Dubai Indonesia Jeddah Kuwait London Melbourne Muscat Nairobi (Kenya) New York Nigeria Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) Riyadh Saudi Arabia (Eastern province) Singapore Sydney Toronto Zambia Decentralized Offices

9 Fours Standing28 Non-Standing Committees Council

10 Institute Functions Professional Development Advisory Regulatory

11 Committee for Members in Industry Mission To encourage and enhance close links between the Institute and the Chartered Accountants working in industries in various capacities so as to provide for them, a base of reference in terms of knowledge, expertise, skills and assistance in individual career growth through the development of extensive and intensive relationship with organizations, agencies of the Government, Departments and Ministries of the Central and State Government in such manner as to provide the maximum possible exposures to the world of trade, commerce, industry and Governance, while simultaneously persuing the goal of providing the maximum of employment opportunities.

12 Committee for Members in Industry Objectives To organize campus interviews for newly qualified Chartered Accountants seeking employment through the Institute. To explore and develop new avenues of employment for Members in Industry. To provide sector specific assistance in improvement of skills of Members in Industry. To consider the problems and issues pertaining to the career planning, ethics and other related matters of the Members in Industry.

13 Committee for Members in Industry Objectives To popularize the Placement Portal of the Institute. To bring out background materials/publications relevant for Members in Industry. To organize programmes on the topics relevant to the Members in Industry. To develop a sector-wise data bank of the Members in Industry and continue to develop their involvement in the mainstream of the Institute.

14 Committee for Members in Industry Objectives To encourage and recognize the Corporate entrepreneurs of our profession i.e., Corporate MDs, Chairmen, Presidents, etc. in Industry. To consider the ways and means to enhance the participation of the Members in Industry in the activities of the Institute.

15 Campus Placement Programme August –September 2010 Highest salary offered in the Campus Placement Programme is Rs 21 Lacs p.a for internationl posting and 15 lacs p.a for domestic posting. The Minimum Salary paid is Rs. 3.25 Lacs p.a. Around 1398 jobs were offered to the candidates who participated in Campus Placement Programme. 88 entities including the Corporate organizations and the Chartered Accountancy Firms have participated during the Campus Placement Programme. Total No. of Candidates selected and accepted the offer were 1144. 156 Interview Panels have participated during this Campus Placement Programme

16 Providing placement through Job Portal (http:\\ Formation of CPE Study circles Introducing National Young CA in Industry Award Conducted Corporate Forum 2010 Conducting Programmes and workshops for members in Industry Conducting HR Meets Organising Special placement Programmes Publications for members as well as Newly qualified CAs Webcasting with eminent leader in profession

17 JOB PORTAL (http:\\ The ICAI Job Portal (http:\\ is primarily focused on Experienced Chartered Accountants and Accounting Technicians. Through this our committee is constantly providing its services to recruiting entities and providing a standard platform to jobseekers, so that they have a good number of career opportunities in their hands.

18 JOB PORTAL (http:\\ Features of the Job Portal for employers Job Postings Services Resume Database Access Subscription Advanced Search Tools for recruiting entities Companies can reach to desired employees through Job Alerts Unlimited writing for Job Advertisement Extremely fast display of Job Advertisement Facility to monitor the activities done through the Account.

19 JOB PORTAL (http:\\ Features of Job Portal for Candidates Update Alert for CV Job Messenger and SMS Facility Email Alerts Resume Building Services Job Search Facility on the Basis of Functional Area,Industry,Experience,Locations,Expected Salary,Job Type,Freshness etc Covering Letter Option Hot Employer/Preferred Employer marking facility

20 Placement Portal http:\\ The placement portal of ICAI provides the placement services to Experienced as well as Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants, it includes all the important announcements, knowledge dissemination, News, Job postings and information pertaining to Committee for Members in Industry. The portal provides an opportunity both to employing organisations as well as young professional aspirants / experienced professionals to meet and explore the possibility of taking up positions in Industry. It also provides an opportunity to professionals in Finance and Accounting and the industry to interact with the objective of building capacity for an international best practice oriented finance and accounting culture in Indian Industry

21 Best Wishes To Transform the World

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