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Action Plan 2010-11 Editorial Board The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India New Delhi.

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1 Action Plan 2010-11 Editorial Board The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India New Delhi

2 The Chartered Accountant Journal Brand ambassador of the Institute Published since July 1952 Number of pages: 180 Total circulation: about 1,90,000 [April 2010] Members: 158745 Students: 25557 Complimentary: 2722 Other Sub: 1217

3 The Journals Focus To be Reliable and reader-friendly tool and medium of Knowledge Update on matters of contemporary professional interest, emerging areas, and other global developments Empower and enable the members of the Institute in the times of global competition

4 Proposed Issues in the Journal Layout and Design Contents Digitising the Journal Subscription Delivery Outsourcing of Printing & Despatch works

5 Layout and Design Upgrading the overall design and presentation matching International Standard Attention-seeking and meaningful presentation of the Cover Reader-friendly font size and presentation

6 Contents..… Special focus on providing most relevant, topical and contemporary issues and emerging areas in the economy. Introducing columns on Accounting Legends, International Taxation and publishing capacity-building and motivational articles besides other regular features. Special focus on industry and global issues through articles on periodical basis. To make coverage more comprehensive by including new sections on emerging areas of interest. Upgrading Legal Update, National Update and International Update columns to cover more developments pertaining to the profession. Cont….

7 Contents..… Face-to-Face with whos who, Union Ministers and leaders/experts of relevant professional fields. Language of the Journal to be more reader-friendly and less difficult and verbose. To limit the number of pages for ICAI photographs to two to facilitate maximum content/information to readers. To discontinue professionally irrelevant feature Vastu Shastra and Know Your Feature and publish motivational articles instead.

8 Digitising the Journal Making online Journal more convenient for the net- savvy by ensuring easy search, navigation, downloads, e- mail facility, etc. To also host the journal in PDF format to ease to those accessing journal online.

9 Subscriptionand Brand Promotion To make efforts to increase the subscription of the journal. To make efforts promote the journal among allied professionals and society at large. To make efforts for increased visibility of the journal. To make efforts to increase the advertisement revenue of the journal.

10 Delivery Ensuring that journal reaches the members and other readers by early first week of every month. To make the system of addressing non-receipt complaints of members and students more speedy and responsive. Strengthening the mechanism of periodic checks.

11 Outsourcing of Printing & Despatch To ensure appointment of highly competent and capable printer-publisher for printing and despatch of journal from July 2010 issue after expiry of the existing contract to serve the cause of the readers and the ICAI. Thank You…

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