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Workshop on Hazardous Substances Affecting Metallic-Coated Steel and Other Metals May 23, 2007.

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1 Workshop on Hazardous Substances Affecting Metallic-Coated Steel and Other Metals May 23, 2007

2 page 2 Henkel – RoHS Compliant Passivate Discussion Agenda: Position on RoHS Products Discussion Offerings Corrosion performance Field experience References

3 page 3 Henkel Position on RoHS Electrical and electronic equipment (not all end users) Appliances Computers Televisions, video recorders Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI) is critical element for metal passivation treatments listed in RoHS regulation Must contain less than (0.1%) 1000 ppm. Hexavalent chromium or contain no intentionally added hexavalent chromium in any homogeneous layer Henkel position is that passivate coatings do not become a homogeneous layer with substrate, but, the discontinuous layer of the passivate. (IBM agrees with this position). Chromium free products are compliant simply because there is no chrome present Chromium III (trivalent) products are compliant in both the product and as- dried surface since Cr(VI) is below 1000 ppm and no Cr(VI) is intentionally added. Conversion of Cr(III) Cr(VI) will not happen under normal circumstances PH14 or extreme oxidation are required Practical basis, Cr(VI) not present during life-cycle of the coated materials.

4 page 4 Hexavalent Chrome-Free Passivation Offerings Three approaches: Non-chrome containing inorganic passivate Trivalent chrome inorganic passivate Thin organic coating non-chrome containing (acrylic coatings)

5 page 5 Hexavalent Chromium Containing Inorganic Passivates: Chemtreats Typical coating weight: 1.0 – 2.0 mg/sq.ft. Cr Applied by flood squeegee and dried by hot air dryer Corrosion performance by neutral salt spray (NSS): 96+ Hrs. Wet corrosion tests: 800+ Hrs. Low cost, good corrosion prevention Non-Paintable

6 page 6 Henkel Passerite 5004 W Chromium-Free Inorganic Passivate Major Coating Constituents Molybdenum Titanium Phosphate Fluoride Organic Polymer

7 page 7 Application Bath Concentration 20%-100% (Dependent On Coater) 30% is Typical Run as Flood or Dip/Squeegee or Chemcoater Bath pH: Coating Wts.:30-80 mg./sq.ft. (50 mg. is recommended) Bath Temperature:<40C (104°F) Strip PMT:50-60C min., 120C max. (Above 120°F) Drying Time:< 10 seconds recommended P-5004 W Chrome-Free Inorganic Passivate

8 page 8 Passerite 6001 / Passerite 6003 / Bonderite 6020 Trivalent Chromium Passivate Application Parameters Application:Spray / squeegee (low bath volume) Chemcoater Contact time:< 10 seconds Bath Temp:< 110°F Coating Weight:30 – 40 mg./sq.ft. (20 – 30 mg./sq.ft. for B6020) Cr Coating Weight:3.0 – 4.0 mg./sq.ft. (2.0 – 3.0 for B6020) Bath pH:< 2.5 Zn Dissolution:< 1.8% by weight Bath Concentration:10 – 60% dependent on flow to line, 20 – 30% is typical Strip PMT:110°F 200°F

9 page 9 Recommendations for Designing a System for Hex-Chrome Free Passivates Solution contact time (time between application / drying ) – as short as possible. Less than 5 seconds excellent. Chemcoater best method (spray / squeegee is acceptable) Drying peak metal temp (PMT) - 120°F minimum (220°F max) Equipment materials (contacts solution) – 316 or 304 stainless steel, or polymer (PVC, PEHD or PP) – no carbon steel Wringer rolls – Hypalon, Viton or polyurethane covering – 45 – 55 shore hardness Solution volume – as small as possible – less than 30 gallons – (Henkel Coiltech system) Maintain pH below 2.5 – minimize zinc contamination X-Ray fluorescence (Portaspec) recommended for coating weights

10 page 10 Henkel Standard Accelerated Corrosion Tests for Passivation Treatments Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Wet Stack Cleveland Condensing (CCH) Butler Water Immersion (BWI)

11 page 11 Corrosion Overview – Field Performance CustomerProuduct Used NSS Results Wet StackBWI Cleveland Condensing AP hrs.800 hrs hrs. + BP hrs.800 hrs hrs. + CP hrs.800 hrs hrs. + DB hrs.700 hrs hrs. + EB hrs.700 hrs hrs. + FB hrs.700 hrs hrs. + GP5004W hrs.700 hrs hrs.+ HP225W hrs.700 hrs.1000 hrs. Wet Stack, BWI and Cleveland Condensing results are to 5% white rust Coating Wts. (Chrome mg/sq.ft) A B C D E F G – 40 – 60 mg./sq.ft. (total) H – 1.0 – 2.0 mg./ft 2 chrome VI

12 page 12 Trivalent Based Passivation – Product Evolution Commentary Passerite 6001 Passerite 6003 Bonderite 6020 Continuous improvement in all of the following: Corrosion performance (NSS) Lower coating weight (lower applied costs) Improved paintability Improved conductivity (IBM and HP) Less corrosive to equipment (304 and 316SS) Bonderite 6020 – removal of organics – no foaming Products have become more operator and end-user friendly Next generation product – Bonderite 6010 – fluoride free – being tested in Europe

13 page 13 Primarily Used For Galvalume and HDG Coated Steel Expected Performance: Roll forms without oil Good fingerprint resistance Excellent corrosion performance 180° – 220° F PMT Thin Organic Non-Chrome Coating: (Replacement For Hexavalent Cr Containing Acrylics) Granocoat 342

14 page 14 Non-Chrome Thin Organic Coating: Granocoat 342 Specifications :

15 page 15 Coating Weight: mg./sq.ft. PMT:170° - 250° F Application Method:Chemcoater Concentration:Used Neat Application Temperature: Ambient Recoil Temperature:<160°F Non-Cr Thin Organic Passivate: Application Parameters:

16 page 16 Granocoat 342 (Non-Chrome Acrylic) Summary: Corrosion performance slightly inferior in NSS (HDG) and wet stack (Galvalume) Roll-forming excellent and verified at 9-stage roll former (correlates well with Butler Building roll former) Paintable surface In use at Precoat – Portage and CFM for small applications Successful trials at Mittal – Sparrows Point (Galvalume) and Nucor – Berkeley (HDG)


18 page 18 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT TKS EBA1 GERMANY PASSERITE 6003(20% vol) Spray + Squeegee EGDieter Schrocer VOEST (4 lines) Austria PASSERITE 5004 Spray + Squeegee Rollcoater HDGFranz Androsch TKS FBA7 Germany PASSERITE 6003(40% Vol) Spray + Squeegee HDGKurt Motte TKS FBA4 Germany PASSERITE 6003(30% vol) Spray + Squeegee HDGUdo Schulokt

19 page 19 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT ACCIAIERIA CREMONA (IT) PASSERITE 6001 (40 to 45%vol) Spray + Squeegee HDGCarlo Lanzini WUPPERMANN (Holland) PASSERITE 5004(40 to 45% vol) Spray + Squeegee HDGHans G. Klockner CORUS Holland PASSERITE5 004(80 to 90% w/w) Chem CoaterHDGThijs Post

20 page 20 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT ARCELOR AVILES (Spain) PASSERITE 6001 (40% vol) Coil techHDGJose Manuel Puente WHEELING NISSHIN (US) PASSERITE 6001 (100%) Spray + Squeegee + Roll coater HDG GALVANNEAL USS POSCO (US) BONDERITE 6020 (20%) Spray + Squeegee HDG WUPPERMANN (2 lines) (Austria) PASSERITE 5004 Spray + Squeegee Vacuumat HDGHans Georg Klockner MITTAL SPARROWS PT. MD PASSERITE 6001 Spray + Squeegee HDGRob Weber

21 page 21 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT SSAB BORLANGE (SU) Passerite 6003 (25 to 30% Vol) COIL TECHHDGMat Eliason MARCEGALIA (Italy) PASSERITE 6001(25to30% w) Spray + Squeegee HDGMr IVALDI GONVARRI (Spain) PASSERITE 6001(55 to 60%vol) Roll coater + Spray + Squeegee HDGJacek Michalek NLMK (Russia) PASSERITE 5004(40 to 45%v) Spray + Squeegee HDG

22 page 22 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT Mittal Galati ROMANIA P. 5004Roll CoaterHDGMr Munteanu Arcelor(VZA1) Eisenhuttenstadt P (33 to 36% v/v) Spray + Squeegee HDG RUUKI Finland (1) P. 6003COIL TECHHDGMr Paavilainen RUUKI Finland (3) P. 6003ChemcoaterHDG

23 page 23 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT JSW - TarapurPasserite 6000Spray + Squeegee HDGRajesh Singh Ispat IndiaPasserite 6001Spray + Squeegee HDGR.S.Jain Lloyds Steel India Passerite 6001Spray + Squeegee HDGP.K.Chatterjee Tata SteelPasserite 6001Spray + Squeegee HDGS. Beborta

24 page 24 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT JINDAL (India)Passerite 6000Spray + Squeegee HDG JINDAL (India)Passerite 6001Spray + Squeegee HDG Bhusan Steel (India) Passerite 6001Spray + Squeegee HDG An Steel (China) Passerite 6000Roll CoaterHDG

25 page 25 CUSTOMERPRODUCTAPPLICATIONSUBSTRATECONTACT Benxi (China)P. 6003Roll CoaterHDG Borcelik (Turkey) P. 6003Spray + Squeegee HDG

26 page 26 Thank you

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