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Membership & Awards Pat Picariello Nancy Morrissey Barbara Smith.

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1 Membership & Awards Pat Picariello Nancy Morrissey Barbara Smith

2 Agenda 1.Membership Promotion 2.Membership Administration 3.Awards 4.Questions

3 Statistics (* = x 1000)

4 Maximizing Stakeholder participation to reflect the market This will add to high quality standards and market buy-in. GOAL

5 WHY: Membership Promotion? To attract the right members identify key stakeholders To increase international participation To increase technical expertise in a certain area To maintain or create a balance of interests To develop a new committee activity Because there is an opportunity committee trends, new standards/activities market trends, economy, new activities worldwide

6 WHEN: Membership Promotion? When a need is identified and the promotion is properly designed, anytime is the right time to plan the promotion However, there are timing considerations for the launching and tracking of each campaign The summer months work best for planning; but are not convenient for launching New promotions for 2007 should be send out from November 1 st through June 1st

7 HOW: Membership Promotion? Targeting specific audiences is most effective Sources include: conference and seminar attendees professional and trade association technical committees committee member contacts customer lists/purchased lists online database searches Once the right candidates are identified, fine tuning of the message begins

8 The message is then conveyed through both direct mailing and e-mailing (ideally, has been most successful) The promotional packet consists of: Customized cover letter Customized flyer invitation (e-card) Customized application WHAT: Membership Promotion?

9 ID Candidates Target membership growth where needed Committee activities in a certain technical discipline, improvements in the balance of classified interests, or increasing the representation of a key industry segment. Target promotions as specifically as possible If the subcommittees are technically diverse, then separate and distinct promotions should be prepared for each campaign –i.e. D02.J. Review the individual Technical Committee membership numbers Variations typically reveal some change in the marketplace. Find answers as to why these changes have occurred. Contact staff managers to act on opportunities New industry products, services, technologies, standards, revisions may all indicate growth opportunities.

10 Target Promotional materials Send to ASTM customers and visitors to both ASTM and non-ASTM events: Committee standards development meetings, symposia, seminars, workshops, and technical and professional training classes, customer lists from producers, trade associations, governmental agencies, universities, professional societies. Other lists may include online databases/servers i.e. Hoovers, names from existing ASTM members, and lists purchased from providers. Target New committee activities This continues to be a primary source for new participating member enrollment. ID Candidates

11 Case Studies Two examples: D18 on Soil and Rock was targeted for an international promotional campaign early March. Distributed to ASTM customers that purchased D18 standards and mailing lists provided by Hoover s. 18 new international members joined D18 increasing its global participation to nearly 15%. D02.J on Aviation Fuels was also targeted for an international promotional campaign. Distributed to ASTM customers that purchased A2 aviation fuel standards, TPT customer lists, and ATP lists. There was further opportunity to promote this subcommittee by a personal invitation to participate in one of the biggest air conventions in the USA.

12 Team Resources Staff Manager Member Promotion Manager Technical Committee Contacts Marketing Department Art Department

13 Technology The most efficient delivery takes place if efforts are in both formats: Hard copy Good for quick visualization Electronic Easy and convenient Instant delivery

14 Membership Administration Application Type New Member Change of Employment Application Format Electronic Hard Copy Rosters Electronic Utilization Balance Voting Interest

15 Copy of an E-New Member Application

16 Portion to be Completed by Membership Secretary

17 Hard Copy Application (aka T-Rex)

18 E-Application: Change of Employment

19 E-Roster Sample

20 Classification and Voting Status Review of company and major product or service provided Would the member be considered a producer, user, consumer (only on some committees), or a general interest according to the scope of the committee? Review of roster Is there a member from this same voting interest already on the committee with a vote? Subsidiaries

21 Balance of Interest Producer User & General Interest ASTM Technical Committees are balanced. No excess influence by any interest group

22 Producer Vote Wait Lists Created when the number of potential voting producers is greater than the number of voting user and general interest members combined. Producers are removed from the wait list and given votes when New user and general interest members are added Producer members decrease

23 Methods: Approving Applications Executive Subcommittee meetings Ballot to Executive Subcommittee Authority granted by Executive Subcommittee to Membership Secretary to approve applications between meetings Action is subsequently reviewed

24 Procedures: Approved Applications Varies committee by committee Subchairmen are advised of requests 7-10 days to appear on ASTM website If changes to classification and/or voting status Individual changes Send email to Include name, member #, committee Members can update some information online Multiple changes Indicate changes in Excel roster (bold, color) Submit electronically to

25 Website Tools Membership Orientation Invitation to a Colleague Membership Types & Benefits Renewing via Website


27 Awards Objective: The objective of the ASTM International Honors and Awards Program is to recognize the dedication and exemplary effort of ASTM International members in regard to the development and promulgation of ASTM International Standards and related information

28 Awards There are three levels of Awards Society Awards Society Recognized Committee Awards Technical Committee Awards Society Awards Award of Merit W.T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award Charles B. Dudley Medal Award Journal of Testing and Evaluation Award Robert J. Painter Memorial Award Richard L. Templin Award Walter C. Voss Award

29 Society Awards Society Awards are created by the ASTM International Board of Directors to meet specific recognition needs which have broad applications to the overall Society and therefore cannot be addressed by individual technical committees Society Awards Award of Merit W.T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award Charles B. Dudley Medal Award Journal of Testing and Evaluation Award Robert J. Painter Memorial Award Richard L. Templin Award Walter C. Voss Award

30 ASTM Awards Society Recognized Awards Awards that are intended to honor long time committee members who have made exceptional contributions to the committee Awards follow stringent requirements for recognition Requires Board of Directors Approval Can have a plaque displayed at ASTM Headquarters Examples of Society Recognized Awards A01 Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys Founding Committee Award B02 Nonferrous Metals and Alloys Committee B02 Gary M. Kralik Distinguished Service Award B05 Copper and Copper Alloys Copper Club/Committee B05 Award

31 ASTM Awards Award Supplement Program The Society recognizes the value of the committee awards programs and lends financial support through a yearly supplement program. The dollar amount of the supplement for each committee is based on the total number of committee members 1-200 MembersASTM Provides $200 201-400 MembersASTM Provides $300 401-600 MembersASTM Provides $400 600+ MembersASTM Provides $500 Award Supplement is an annual benefit that must be used or the funds are lost, they do not accumulate from year to year

32 ASTM Awards Types of Committee Awards Plaques Certificates Clocks Acrylic Awards Committee can work with their staff managers to prepare alternative formats for awards

33 ASTM Awards ASTM Headquarters provides Society Awards to the committees at no cost to the committees ASTM Headquarters will coordinate photographers for all Society and Society Recognized Awards at no cost to the committee Articles will be published in Standardization News covering Society and Society Recognized Awards Press releases will be sent to industry publications

34 ASTM Awards Awards should be submitted to your staff manager 4-6 weeks prior to the desired presentation date Awards Coordinator will send congratulatory letters to members who receive Society and Society Recognized Awards and request biographical information and a photo for press releases and an SN article

35 ASTM Awards Conclusion Awards are a great way to recognize members efforts and we highly encourage their use Timely submission of awards is appreciated ASTM provides an Awards supplement, please utilize this benefit Please return to your committees and encourage the use of Awards

36 Questions Pat Picariello Nancy Morrissey Barbara Smith

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