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1 Helzberg School CJBE Conference July 2009 Managing as a Mensch Barnett Helzberg George Ferguson Rockhurst University Helzberg School of Management.

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1 1 Helzberg School CJBE Conference July 2009 Managing as a Mensch Barnett Helzberg George Ferguson Rockhurst University Helzberg School of Management

2 2 Presentation Outcomes Understand Mensch Management Ideas on applying Positive Organizational Scholarship Aware of other ways of approaching servant leadership

3 3 Mensch A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose; a decent, upright, mature, responsible person

4 4 Course Beginnings I want someone who manages as a mensch. (Barnett Helzberg) Researched concept Conducted two test classes Designed three-hour elective Mensch Management

5 5 Conceptual Aspects A focus on people An ethics-driven approach to leadership Self-awareness and reflection Servant leadership concepts (listening, empathy, healing, awareness, foresight, stewardship, growth of others, building community) Focusing on the positive Personal and professional student development and growth

6 6 POS Exposed to Positive Organizational Scholarship Met with Drs. Wayne Baker and Jane Dutton from University of Michigans Ross School of Business Adopted POS aspects into Mensch Management o Reflected Best Self o Work as a calling o Resilience o Compassion o Building relationships and high quality connections

7 7 Learning Process & Materials Students create own Mensch Management text Feedback and reflection Research Questions Speakers Class Discussions Student Outputs

8 8 Feedback and Reflection Self-scored and 360 instruments o Leadership Practices Inventory o Reflected Best Self o INSIGHT o Locus of Control Reflection paper with learnings and action plans

9 9 Research Questions A series of short research papers (avg. 5 pages) Mixture of academic and pop-press sources Deeper thought required – holistically, deeply, behaviorally o What is a mensch? o How can work be a calling? o How and in what ways is a mensch resilient? o How and in what situations is a mensch compassionate? o How does a mensch build relationships and high quality connections?

10 10 Speakers Utilize variety of speakers to share wisdom on: Work as a calling Compassion Relationships and listening Community feedback on businesses and leadership

11 11 Class Discussions Students quizzed each class Topical discussions Barnett Book Club Celebratory dinner

12 12 Student Outputs Student Mensch Management text with answers to research questions Feedback and reflection paper Long-term development plan Students send drafts of papers to instructors for feedback throughout the semester

13 13 Impact on Learning QuestionThis course All University I was comfortable with the way the instructor treated the students 4.934.48 The instructor treated me with respect4.934.54 The course helped me improve my critical thinking 4.484.03 The course was intellectually stimulating 4.694.11

14 14 Student Responses Throughout this semester I have learned a lot about myself through the LPI and Best Self exercises, and have thought about ways in which I can be a better person, both in my professional and personal life, through the different class discussions. Ive learned to be less judgmental and have seen the advantages of taking the time to listen to others... I strive to be a role model for others and I think it would be one of the greatest compliments to one day be described as a Mensch.

15 15 Student Responses One of the most important messages from class this semester was the message that we can behave as a mensch without doing something heroic. We all have the ability to choose to look inside to identify our true values through self awareness. We all have the ability to live by those values and lead authentically, and finally, we can make the choice to ask ourselves What would a mensch do?

16 16 Student Responses I went home after the first night of class and sat both of my children down. The lesson is that no matter how successful you are you should always remember how you treat people. The secret is you dont need to flaunt your success; most people will already know your achievements and respect you for those without your ego reminding them.

17 17 Leadership Credo As a leader; I am first and foremost a servant to those whom I lead, genuinely caring for the good of all stakeholders. I believe I become a leader the day I accept my lack of real power over others. I practice leadership when I properly balance influence, courage and humility. I constantly challenge others to go beyond their comfort zone to become more than they are. I am creative, not accepting the Tyranny of OR but striving to find the AND that meets all needs. I have the inner strength to stand alone and make tough decisions, and the wisdom and compassion to listen to all viewpoints. I am responsible for my actions understanding that quality of actions make a leader.

18 18 Leadership Credo I will be passionate about what I do. I believe that my integrity is paramount to relating to those who answer to me. My leadership will be based on service to others. I will strive to do what is right.

19 19 Conclusion

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