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Asia-Link Programme Overview Seoul, November 2003 01/13 Last Updated: October 2003 Annex H.

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1 Asia-Link Programme Overview Seoul, November 2003 01/13 Last Updated: October 2003 Annex H

2 Overview Main Objective Promotion of regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions (HEIs) in European Union Member States and South Asia, South-East Asia and China Creation of new sustainable partnerships between European and Asian HEIs Reinforcement of existing partnerships 02/13

3 Funds Available Total European Commission budget: 40 million over a 5-year period (to end 2005): - Grant support 30,25 million - Information support 1,2 million Grant Support EC Grant: Min. 200.000 / Max. 300.000 Grant may not exceed 75% of total project costs Possible 90% grant if Asian partners are exclusively from least developed countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives and Nepal) Balance of project costs to come from Applicant and/or Partners and/or other sources 03/13

4 Eligible Countries European Union (15) Asia (17) Austria Afghanistan Belgium Bangladesh Denmark Bhutan Finland Cambodia France China (excl. H-K + Macao) Germany East Timor Greece India Ireland Indonesia Italy Laos Luxembourg Malaysia Netherlands Maldives Portugal Nepal Spain Pakistan Sweden Philippines United Kingdom Sri Lanka Thailand Vietnam NB: Institutions and organisations from Brunei, Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore can participate in all project activities as associated/external partners, provided that they cover the costs of their own participation 04/13

5 Who May Apply? Applications accepted from groupings of higher education institutions (partnership) of minimum of 4 members: at least 2 from different EU Member States and 2 from different eligible Asian countries Applicant/partners MUST BE non-profit-making higher education institutions (HEIs): -recognized by the competent national authority -provide courses at the undergraduate and/or graduate level -qualifications accredited by the competent national authority 05/13

6 Who May Also Apply? Established networks of higher education institutions with their headquarters in one of the eligible countries, if registered for 3 years minimum Regional higher education institutions not belonging to any national system but formally recognized by one of the eligible countries Non-profit-making private higher education institutions registered for 5 years minimum, provided the project is non-profit-making 06/13

7 What Types of Project? Human Resource Development (12-36 months) To upgrade the skills of university teaching staff and administrators, including: short teaching/training missions in Europe/Asia short intensive overseas programmes study/research abroad at PhD/Masters level internships Undergraduate students shall not be considered for mobility grants 07/13

8 What Types of Project? Curriculum Development (12-36 months) To develop curricula, produce new/improved courses, modules or materials, including: employment-related multidisciplinary curricula courses based on common or co-ordinated modules at different institutions modules/courses with a regional dimension curricula integrating aspects of university- industry relations open and distance learning 08/13

9 What Types of Project? Institutional and Systems Development (6-36 months) To enhance overall management of higher education institutions, including: joint seminars/workshops on internal and external management training of senior university officials or international officers review of whole institutions, administrative or academic units, curricula, procedures, etc pilot initiatives centred on credit transfer, quality standards and degree recognition 09/13

10 Timetable First Call for Proposals - 2002 1st deadline:24 May 2002 12 projects selected 2nd deadline:24 October 2002 30 projects selected Contract signature: March/April 2003 Second Call for Proposals - 2003 Publication:1 February 2003 1st deadline:7 May 2003 Contract signature: Autumn 2003 2nd deadline:25 September 2003 Contract signature: Beginning of 2004 Third and Last Call for Proposals (indicative) Publication:End of 2003/Beginning of 2004 Deadlines:Two deadlines 10/13

11 PARTNER SEARCH FACILITY Created in July 2002 in order to provide the possibility of identifying potential partners with whom to develop and submit a project proposal. Since then 426 institutions have registered (to mid-June 2003). REGISTER at: projects/asia-link/partners.htm Asia-Link Update - Electronic Newsletter SUBSCRIBE via functional mailbox: 11/13

12 First Call for Proposals (Overview) Deadline 1 - 24 May 2002 74 proposals received involving 301 HEIs 39 proposals considered eligible (53%) 12 proposals selected involving 52 HEIs (16,2% of proposals received) Deadline 2 - 24 October 2002 166 proposals received involving 654 HEIs 115 proposals considered eligible (69%) 30 proposals selected involving 125 HEIs (18% of proposals received) Cumulative figures for both deadlines 240 proposals received involving 955 HEIs 154 proposals considered eligible 42 proposals selected involving 177 HEIs EC contribution: EUR 12.210.093 12/13

13 CONTACT DETAILS European Commission EuropeAid Co-operation Office Office: L-41, 03/72 B-1049 Brussels, Belgium Fax:+32-2-298 4863 E-Mail: Website: projects/asia-link/index_en.htm NB:Please consult the Guidelines for Applicants and Annexes for the address to use when submitting project proposals 13/13

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