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Kung Fu It's not about fighting, it's about balance.

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1 Kung Fu It's not about fighting, it's about balance.

2 Kungfu is not only a sporting exercise but also an artistic form. It is used to cure illness as well as for self-defence and is a comprehensive form of culture of the human body. Kungfu enjoys a long history and great popularity in China. Thanks to its uniqueness and charisma originating from traditional oriental culture, Kungfu is captivating the attention of more and more people in other nations.

3 Shaolin Temple It has been burned down three times however, it has been rebuilt three times. Original Lion!

4 Old Pictures of the Shaolin temple, and buddhist monks in front

5 Children in training with a master

6 More Children

7 Older monks


9 WOW! Flexibility is very important.

10 Pagoda gardens, near the Shaolin temple. They are a great place for meditation and Kung fu training. Monk walking on walls

11 Kung Fu Panda vs. Kung Fu Master

12 5 Kung fu animals –Tiger- *Develops bones for external power. *Teaches courage. *Uses tiger claw for sinking in grabs, holding and throwing techniques. –Crane- *Develops muscles to balance externally. *Teaches self -control. *Uses grace, quick foot movements, wrist trapping, knee strikes and beak strikes. –Dragon- *Develops spirit and mind power. *Teaches spiritual calmness and concentration. *Uses body twisting techniques, elbow strikes and dragon claw for hooking –Snake- *Develops internal chi and external flexibility. *Teaches two methods: A) Stationaryinternal training for suppleness; B) Movementexternal training for endurance. –Leopard- *Develops muscle speed for external strength. *Teaches patience *Uses leopard punch for penetration and lower body springing power.


14 Animals united

15 Cites MA_HISTORY.html ml

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