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School Life in China Student Presentation Wang Guiqins Chinese Class.

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1 School Life in China Student Presentation Wang Guiqins Chinese Class

2 School Scheduling In China students go to school six days a week instead of the five days in America In China, the education is divided into three categories: basic education, higher education, and adult education In China The Compulsory Education Law of stipulates that each child have nine years of formal education. While in America the ages for compulsory education vary by state, beginning between the ages of five and eight and ending between age sixteen and eighteen

3 School scheduling cont. In China students go to school from 7:30 am until 8:30pm.

4 Difference In thinking in Schools. US is a open society. The society's openness urges the American college to abandon old educational thoughts which European traditional universities stick to, adopt the open policy to absorb all advantages from other countries and establish a diverse and open education control system which emphasizes on the actual effect.

5 Main focus in Education US's education pays more attention to raise student's self-confidence, independence, spirit of supporting oneself, but China's education emphases on training the students to be strict, rigorous, and spiritual. China's elementary education aims to build the foundation of education with more study and less thought

6 Changing Majors/ Specialties In America you can change your major however many times you want, whenever you want. Just talk to your student advisor, and they will help you. In China, the student may choose the specialty according to own interest and hobby, but change of specialty in the school is not easy, and transformation of school is more difficult.

7 Methods of Teaching When American school inspects the result of student, they emphasize more on the ability to analyze and solve the question but not the ability of memory or description. Many teachers still adopted old teaching ways in the Chinese universities, thus take a test which needs mechanical memorizing.

8 Parents role in Education Most of American parents pay more attention on the education of their children's ability and independence. While Chinese parents pay close attention on how many scores their children got.

9 Classroom Methods In China they are not allowed to choose their education. They are provided with the classes they are to take, and they continue to take the same classes. American teachers use real life examples in class instead of speaking hypothetically.

10 Random Facts Americans tend to be more creative in their thinking, while the Chinese have much more skill than Americans. American schools have sports such as football, basketball, soccer, swimming, ect., but in China their main game is ping pong.

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