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Sibley and Howard County SAP Finance Master Data & Reporting

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1 Sibley and Howard County SAP Finance Master Data & Reporting
Process Briefing and Demonstration

2 Agenda Overview of the SAP system design
Johns Hopkins Financial Structure Master Data Overview Business areas Funds Cost Centers Internal Orders Fixed Assets – WBS Elements Cost elements and G/L account overview Request Process Schedule of Automated Updates Commonly Used Financial Reports – BW and ECC March 27, 2017

3 Johns Hopkins Financial Structure
JHEN Business Area Fund Cost Center Cost Element (G/L Account) Cost Element (G/L Account) WBS Element Internal Order Commitment Item (G/L Account) March 27, 2017

4 Johns Hopkins Posting Req. in Each Module
Financial Accounting (FI) Controlling (CO) Funds Management (FM) Grants Management (GM) Project Systems (PS) Business Area Cost Center Fund Center Sponsored Program Project Definition Internal Order Funded Program Commitment Item Sponsored Class GL Account Cost Element Work Breakdown Structure (WBSE) Grant Fund Fund Fund March 27, 2017

5 Business Areas Business Areas are directly related to the affiliate.
Ex: Business Area 480 = Johns Hopkins Hospital Business Areas are three digits long JHHS Business Area range is March 27, 2017

6 Funds Designates the source of funds 10 digits long
Ex: = JHH OPERATING FUND Can be used to track non-capital projects. March 27, 2017

7 Cost Centers Commonly represents a department 10 digits long
Current numbering scheme: (BA) (FU) (CC Number) March 27, 2017

8 Internal Orders Used by grant and award programs 8 digits long
Have a responsible Cost Center associated with them March 27, 2017

9 Fixed Assets – WBS Elements
Work Breakdown Structure Element (WBSE) Cost assignment type for capital projects, designed to track both capital and expense portions of a capital project. (Note: Use a WBSE in lieu of a cost center.) Example of WBSE: C o First character of a WBSE will be any one of the following depending on the nature of the project (C in the above example): C: Construction E: Equipment I: IT J: Joint (when cost of project is shared or when one affiliate is performing the project work and another affiliate is paying for the project) March 27, 2017

10 Fixed Assets – WBS Elements (continued)
o First character of a WBSE (continued): R: Renovation L: Landlord S: Safety & Regulatory o Second 3 characters of a WBSE stand for the business area , 450 in above example. (500 for HCGH) o Third 2 characters of a WBSE stand for the fiscal year in which the project began, FY12 in above example o Fourth set of 4 characters is automatically assigned by SAP, 0001 in above example o Last character is called a “node”, which can be set up as either capital or expense, for various charges on a project. A project can have one node or several depending on the complexity of your project. March 27, 2017

11 Cost Elements/ G/L Accounts
Account Types: GL Accounts (Revenue, Expense, Asset, Liability and Equity) Cost Element (Revenue & Expense Accounts) Secondary Cost Elements (Transfers/Purchase Service) Account numbers are 6 digits long March 27, 2017

12 Cost Elements/ G/L Accounts Continued
1 Asset 2 Liability 3 Equity 4 Revenue 5 Net Asset Transfer 6 Expense 7 Conversion 8 Offset & Conversion 9 Secondary Cost Element March 27, 2017

13 Master Data: Finance All Updates go thru JHHS Controller’s Office (unless otherwise noted) Web forms are available online: SAP Support website > Finance Master Data Tool March 27, 2017

14 Master Data: Finance Continued
New Cost Centers or Accounts will require a number selected by the user. JHU must approve any new GL Accounts New Cost Centers must be approved by the JHHS Budgeting or Accounting Director Questions about Master Data can be sent to March 27, 2017

15 Master Data: Finance Continued
All Master Data needs to be approved. Allow roughly a week for processing. EBS transports master data into production on Thursday. EBS has to process all Master Data for JHU and JHHS. Hierarchy updates are processed as required. March 27, 2017

16 Master Data: Grant Process
All award notices are forwarded to the JHHS Senior Grant Accountant Johns Hopkins Sponsored Shared Services creates unique internal order for each award Expenses are charged to internal order instead of cost center SAP system automatically records revenue equal to expense Grant accountants coordinate grant reporting with principal investigator All A-133 audit communication flows through controller’s office grant accounting March 27, 2017

17 Master Data: Fixed Assets – WBS Elements
When ready to spend on a project, contact the FASSC at by completing a project request form (which can be found on the FASSC website at The sender will then be notified within 48 hours that the project is ready. When the project is complete or “in service”, contact the FASSC. The costs in that project will then be moved from the construction in progress GL account (180501) to assets and depreciation will begin. Any questions, please contact the FASSC at or Karen Durning, Manager March 27, 2017

18 [zfgl-due-updates] ZFGL_DUE update completed successfully(3)
SAP Update Schedule Update Time BCS (1) Overnight 9:00 AM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM BW CO (2) 10:00 AM 1:00 PM 4:00 PM N/A [zfgl-due-updates] ZFGL_DUE update completed successfully(3) Special Ledger Payroll (PTO Liab) Overnight(4) (1) BCS Successfully Updated (BCS CUBE SUCCESSFULLY UPDATED) (2) BW update of CO data has completed (3) [zfgl-due-updates] ZFGL_DUE update completed successfully (4) Updated early AM on Sunday weekly

19 Business Warehouse Financial Reporting
Monthly Comparison CO Line Item Detail Vendor Payment Report Salary Detail Report Labor Distribution – Total Dollars by Occ. Absence & Attendance Detail Employee Master Data by Date March 27, 2017

20 ECC Reporting T-Codes FB03 – Financial Document Display
ME23N – Purchase Order Display March 27, 2017

21 Questions? March 27, 2017

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