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Sibley/Howard County HR Employee Lifecycle

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1 Sibley/Howard County HR Employee Lifecycle
Process Briefing Presented by: Wanda Karangelen, Sharon Kemp, Hope Marsh and Chris Russell October 16, 2012

2 HR Employee Lifecycle SAP System Architecture
BI- Business Intelligence ** FI General Ledger HR Human Resources CO Cost Management SAP ECC SRM Supplier Relationship Management FM Funds Management MM Materials Management GM Grants Management SD Sales & Distribution CFM Corporate Financial Management PS Project Systems SD ** BI includes BW (Business Warehouse), BPS (Business Planning Simulation) and BCS (Business Consolidation System)

3 HR Employee Lifecycle SAP HR System Functionality
Employee Self Service Organizational Management Payroll Position Budget and Control HR Time Mgmt Training & Events Mgmt Legend Benefits Administration eRecruit = implemented at Johns Hopkins Personnel Administration Manager Self Service Compensation Management = not implemented at Johns Hopkins

4 HR Employee Lifecycle Business Process Overview
A position is needed for each employee Employees are hired into positions Positions will be created in SAP prior to go-live. Thereafter, positions can be added or become vacant. Employees will be converted prior to go-live An Internal Service Request (ISR) is an SAP electronic form used for personnel and organization actions

5 HR Employee Lifecycle Key Terms
Role - Security access required to execute the business event. ISR Initiator - The role responsible for creating an ISR ISR Approver - The role responsible for approving ISR’s. Someone with the Approver role can also initiate an ISR, so both roles are not needed. An approver can’t initiate and approve the same ISR. ISR Approver One: A department/unit-level person responsible for reviewing/approving the ISR. All ISR’s except Personal Data Changes are required to have an Approver One. Certain designated staff in each department/unit will have the Approver role. ISR Approver Two: A second approval for the ISR located in a central office such as Research Accounting, Human Resources, HR Compensation. The selection of the Approver Two is determined by business process rules. For some ISR’s, a second approval may not be required, or the Approver Two may be the divisional HR office or business office.

6 HR Employee Lifecycle Key Terms (continued)
Position: 1. Outside of SAP, a defined set of tasks, responsibilities, or characteristics to be assigned to a person. 2. In SAP, a number is assigned to every position created. (Every employee will have at least one position.) 3. A position has many attributes. Job - General classifications of tasks that are common to a group of positions. Used for EEO Reporting. Org Unit – A number and name assigned to organization units (departments)

7 HR Employee Lifecycle Internal Service Request (ISR) Types
Personnel Administration • New Hire • Rehire • Reinstatement    • Employee Reassignment         • Termination • Salary Change • Bonus/Supplemental Pay • FMLA Request • LOA With/Without Pay • Return from LOA • Personal Data Change Organizational Management • Org. Unit Create • Org. Unit Maintain • Position Create • Position Copy • Position Maintain/Position Attribute Change

8 HR Employee Lifecycle High-Level Process Steps
Request a New Position Existing processes, including budget authority, compensation review, position, title, job description and identification of appropriate systems security access. Recruit for a Position Existing processes, including recruitment, applicant screening credentialing, background check, references, testing, etc. Process Steps outside of SAP Process Steps within SAP Hire a Staff Member Create a New Position

9 HR Employee Lifecycle Sibley/Howard County creates ISRs
Sibley/Howard County HR Approver 2 Approver 1 Sibley/Howard County will decide on an Approver 2 Approval workflow is created Approval workflow is created Reviews and approves ISR based on policy Enters Internal Service Request (ISR) form in SAP and selects approver(s) from a list, based on policy; Departmental approver reviews and approves ISR Features and Benefits Note: If an ISR is rejected, it is cancelled and notification is sent to the ISR Initiator and the ISR approver Electronic form HR Shared Services Initiated by Sibley/Howard County HR Automated Workflow Workflow sends confirming to ISR Initiator Processes ISR

10 HR Employee Lifecycle Employee Self Service
Employees can view Work Address Personal Data (Name, Date of Birth, etc., NOT SSN) Pay Statement Employment Wage Verification (Link only) Leave Balances Time Statement (Hourly Employees) Benefits Website (Link to appropriate page for employee) Employees can view and update Permanent Address Emergency Contact Additional Personal Data (Race, Ethnicity and Military Status Direct Deposit information Federal and State Withholdings

11 HR Employee Lifecycle HR BW Reporting
Employee Master Data by Date Personnel Actions by Type Positions with Employee Complete Labor Distribution Work Authorization Visa Expiration Dates Check Direct Deposit Register Payroll Overpayment Finance Overpayment

12 Personnel Administration/Organization Management
SAP is Position-centric One position per person Attributes include fulltime/part-time status, name of affiliated org unit (department), SAP roles, name of reports-to (direct supervisor), salaried/hourly designation, job affiliation When an employee terminates, the incumbent is removed from the position and the new hire is attached. Vacant/filled designation 3/27/2017

13 Personnel Administration/Organization Management
SAP is Position-centric (cont’d.) New positions must be created as necessary; changes to the attributes are done through a maintenance process 3/27/2017

14 Personnel Administration/Organization Management

15 Compensation All Johns Hopkins employees are paid hourly
Exempt employees swipe once a day Non-exempt employees swipe for start and end of work 3/27/2017

16 Compensation Salary Ranges are attached to positions
There are 4 different Salary Range Structures based on position type: Clinical Non-clinical Management Information Technology 3/27/2017

17 Compensation (Salary Ranges, cont’d)
Salary Range Structures contain multiple grades Salary Ranges are built using benchmark market data 3/27/2017

18 Compensation Shifts Shifts are designated in SAP to augment an hourly rate based on hours worked Evening, night and weekend shifts are eligible for receive differentials 3/27/2017

19 Compensation Indirect Valuation of Hourly Rate
Percent or dollar increment to the hourly rate can be designated by person for long-term increases and, for the time in force, it is considered part of benefits base salary 3/27/2017

20 Compensation Replacement Rate permits a complete rate change through the time clock for hours worked 3/27/2017

21 Compensation Flat dollar payments for ongoing special work (i.e., exempt on call) Evaluated by Comp and wage type established once need is determined Assigned as part of time entry process 3/27/2017

22 Compensation These are the four types of payment parameters we will referencing during blueprint. 3/27/2017

23 Compensation Concurrent Employment
Multiple assignments on the same person Different pay rate, different supervisor Separate performance review 3/27/2017

24 Benefits Benefit plans are set up in SAP with coverage levels designated and dependent data recorded (SSN, relationship, name, birth date) Employee and employer cost are maintained Employee cost passes to payroll for deduction 3/27/2017

25 Benefits Annual Enrollment is hosted by a third party vendor
Vendors other than EBIX would need to coordinate format/logic of inbound interface to SAP Elections and dependent data are interfaced to SAP Confirmation forms are visible on-line to the employee Qualified Life Events are also transacted on line and passed via interface to SAP Eligibility and termination dates for benefit plans are expected to coincide with JHHSC 3/27/2017

26 Benefits Leave programs Length of service milestones
Accrual occurs by pay period Maximums 3/27/2017

27 Next Steps… Blueprint Sessions: Round 1 Blueprint Session: Round 2
Week of October 22: Personnel Admin/Org Management Week of October 29: Compensation and Benefits Blueprint Session: Round 2 Week of November 26: all modules 3/27/2017

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