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FastFacts Feature Presentation November 19, 2009 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-468-2134.

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1 FastFacts Feature Presentation November 19, 2009 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-468-2134 Participant code: 182500 © 2009 The Johns Hopkins University. All rights reserved.

2 Todays Topic Well be taking a look at… JP Morgan Chase Travel Card

3 Todays Presenter Debbie Hawkes Supervisor, Travel Unit and Online Payment Dianne Hartley A/P Specialist, JP Morgan Chase Travel Card Administrator

4 Session Segments Presentation Debbie will provide an overview of the JP Morgan Chase Travel Card. During Debbies presentation, your phone will be muted. Q&A After the presentation, well hold a Q&A session. Well open up the phone lines, and youll be able to ask questions. Debbie and Dianne will answer as many of your questions as time allows.

5 Contact Us If you would like to submit a question during the presentation or if youre having technical difficulties, you can email us at: You can also send us an instant message! GoogleTalk – AOL Instant Messenger – HopkinsFastFacts MSN –

6 Survey At the end of this FastFacts session, well ask you to complete a short survey. Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve future FastFacts sessions.


8 Overview What is the Travel Card? Who qualifies for the Travel Card? Organizational responsibility Requesting a Travel Card Payment responsibility Billing cycle

9 Overview (continued) Requesting a travel expense reimbursement Travel advance PaymentNet How to Make a Payment to JP Morgan Chase in PaymentNet View Payment History in PaymentNet Accounts Payable Shared Services contacts

10 Master Card credit card to be used for travel related expenses. Accounts Payable Shared Services (APSS) will arrange for a JP Morgan Chase Travel Card free of charge to JHEN faculty and staff upon approval by the department administrator. The card is intended to provide individuals with a convenient method to meet the expenses of JHEN approved travel, business meals and entertainment. Any questions regarding payments of Travel Card travel expense reimbursements should be directed to the APSS Travel Unit. Please check Accounts Payable Shared Services to identify your contact person.Accounts Payable Shared Services JP Morgan Chase Travel Card

11 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Card Corporate Travel Card – The expenses incurred on the corporate card are the responsibility of the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for making the payment directly to JP Morgan Chase.

12 Qualifications The travel card is available to all JHEN employees. This card is not based on personal credit history. If the cardholder does not comply with the credit card agreement and pay the bill on time, APSS has the right to revoke the cardholders card privileges. Once your card has been revoked you will not be eligible to reapply to participate in the travel card program. Finance charges incurred for delinquent payment are the responsibility of the cardholder.

13 Organizational Responsibility Accounts Payable Shared Services The Accounts Payable Shared Services issues the JP Morgan Chase Travel Card and processes and disburses funds for travel advances (JHU only) and reimbursement of travel expenses. JHEN Departments Authorized departmental employees approve the issuance of Corporate Travel Card, travel requests, travel advances and travel reimbursement to employees within their department.

14 Organizational Responsibility (continued) Traveler It is the responsibility of the traveler to comply with the university's policies governing travel and entertainment. Persons traveling on behalf of the university should exercise good judgment with respect to incurring travel and entertainment expenses and are expected to spend funds prudently. Travel and entertainment related expenses will be paid by APPS if they are deemed to be reasonable, properly documented, provide the appropriate approvals and are within the guidelines of this policy.

15 Requesting a Corp Travel Card Complete the JP Morgan Chase MasterCard application and mail or email it to the attention of the travel card administrator Dianne Hartley. Note: Faxed copies of the application will not be accepted. Cards will be disbursed in 7 – 10 business days

16 Corporate Card Expectations Travelers are expected to charge expenses for transportation, lodging, meals, etc. to their Corporate Card. Charges of a personal nature should not be made using the corporate travel card. The corporate card should not be used for purchases of equipment or supplies. Those types of purchases should be made using the Supply Chain Shared Services Procurement Card. Cardholders may make unlimited travel related purchases as long as the account is not sixty (60) days past due.

17 Responsibility for Payment Under the Corporate Card program, cardholders are responsible for making the payment to JP Morgan Chase. APSS is not responsible for the payment. Monthly statements from JP Morgan Chase can be viewed in Payment Net by the cardholder an will be mailed to the card holder. Payment can be sent directly to JP Morgan Chase or the cardholder can initiate payment using Payment Net. The cardholder can enter their personal banking information in PaymentNet and submit the payment to JP Morgan Chase. (Optional)

18 PaymentNet PaymentNet is a JP Morgan Chase online web application specifically used to: View your credit card activity Execute payments Submit disputes Create reports And more PaymentNet will be available to the credit card cardholder. Access PaymentNet by going to:

19 PaymentNet Login In Page is the web address for PaymentNet. After entering the web address the log in screen will be displayed.

20 PaymentNet – First Time Users First time users will be prompted to enter: Organization ID: hopkins User ID (your JHED ID): Ex. dhawkes1 Pass Phrase: Password77 You will be required to create a new pass phrase and upon completion you should be on the welcome page.

21 PaymentNet Welcome Page

22 Payment Net Training Module Reviewing a Transaction Reviewing a Transaction Splitting a Transaction Disputing a Transaction Running Queries Running Reports

23 Set Up Bank Information Select the My Profile icon on your home page. Select the Bank Information tab then click on Add Bank

24 Set Up Bank Information LIST

25 Make a Payment Select Payments from the menu bar and then create. Select Payments from the menu bar and then Create. After selecting the account information and entering the payment amount click the Submit button to submit the payment. A dialog box will appear to verify the payment information click ok to continue.

26 How to View Payment History Select Payments from the menu bar and then Manage. On the History tab of the Payment List a summary

27 Billing Cycle The billing cycle for the Corporate Card is the 25 th of the month. Payment to JP Morgan is due 25 days after the billing date.

28 Advances to Corporate Cardholders Having a university Travel Corporate Card eliminates the need for most travel advances. Travel advances will be made for foreign travel based on per diem rates. Travel advances for domestic trips will be allowed covering incidental expenses up to $50.00 per day. See Travel Advance section of travel policy for more information. Note: Travel Advances are only for JHU Employees

29 Requesting Reimbursement Corporate cardholders will submit their travel expense through the SAP transaction using the trip travel manager. TRAV CARD In the reason field when entering in the expense report, please enter TRAV CARD to begin your description in the reason field. TRAV CARD This alerts A/P staff that the payment is for the corporate travel card. When faxing receipts for travel expenses, please write TRAV CARD on the cover sheet. A/P will authorize the trip for payment within 72 hours. If your payment is not processed within this time frame please contact Accounts Payable travel unit.

30 Payment Net Training Module

31 Resources Frequently asked questions regarding the JP Morgan Chase Travel Card and Travel Policies can be found on these websites.

32 Travel Card Administrator For company specific program information/inquiries for help with navigating within Payment Net contact: Dianne Hartley Accounts Payable Shared Services 443-997-8225

33 Contacts Questions concerning business travel and expense policies and procedures should be directed to: Email: Phone: 443-997-6688 Customer Service Fax Server: 410-502-7959 or 410-502-7965 (For supporting documentation only) Fax : 443-997-3554 (Advance Recovery Form & Non- Employee expense reports) Website: Accounts Payable Shared Services Travel Unit

34 Were going to open the phone lines now! There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line. Well be answering questions in the order that we receive them. Well also be answering the questions that were emailed to us during the presentation. If theres a question that we cant answer, well do some research after this session, and then email the answer to all participants. Q&A

35 Thank You! Thank you for participating! We would love to hear from you. Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future FastFacts sessions? Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter? Please email us at:

36 Survey Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey. Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions. Click this link to access the survey… Thanks again!

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