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1 ASTM International In The Global Arena Presented by: Kitty Kono, V.P. Global Cooperation Liu Fei, Chief Representative, ASTM China Office Jessica Hychalk,

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1 1 ASTM International In The Global Arena Presented by: Kitty Kono, V.P. Global Cooperation Liu Fei, Chief Representative, ASTM China Office Jessica Hychalk, Manager, Global Cooperation Todd Sandler, Manager, International Coordination

2 2 What We Will Cover Global Objectives Global Challenges China Office MOU Program Global Participation Your suggestions and thoughts

3 3 ASTM Internationals Global Objectives To ensure that ASTM International standards that you develop are the most widely recognized, accepted and used standards around the world

4 4 Why is it important that ASTM standards be recognized and used around the world? Producers are free to compete in any markets throughout the world. Buyers have increased choice of suppliers and benefit from competition among suppliers. Governments are confident in the standards that form the foundation of legislation concerning health, safety and environment.

5 5 Challenges Political – What is an International Standard? Greater Awareness of ASTM International Greater Global Participation

6 6 Challenges World Trade Organization/Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement What is an International Standard? Principles for Developing International Standards

7 7 WTO Principles for Developing International standards Openness Consensus Transparency Relevance Coherence Provide aid to developing countries

8 8 Department of Commerce and USTR Recognize International Principles in Recent Communications The WTO/TBT Principles for international standards (G/TBT/1/Rev 8 Section IX) International Trade Administration Letter from U.S. Trade Representative to the Secretary General of the World Trade Organization

9 9 ASTM Message to Government and Industry ASTM meets World Trade Organization (WTO) criteria for international No WTO list of international bodies WTO recognizes multiple approaches to international standardization ASTM supports industry needs to choose the best standard, regardless of the source ASTM makes it easy to participate in international standards development Technology drives efficiency

10 10 China Initiatives and Challenges

11 11 Initiatives in China Looking back … External involvements …

12 12 Looking Back … Early: 1988 – First official visit to Standards Officials in Beijing 1991 – Begin 15 year continuous publication of Chinese SN with China Association for Standardization (CAS). 2001 – Shanghai Institute of Standardization (SIS) publishes Chinese Version of ASTM Technical Dictionary 2002 – SIS hosts training program for Chinese Technical Experts on ASTM standards for Petroleum, Steel and Rubber

13 13 Looking Back … (continued) Matured agreements: 2003 – Agreements signed with SIS and China National Institute for Standardization (CNIS) to promote membership and sales of ASTM publications. ASTM hosts first Intern from SIS for two months 2004 – ASTM is first U.S. based standards organization to sign MOU with Standards Administration of China (SAC). SAC places 34 experts on 30 ASTM committees; includes ASTM logo on SAC Website; reports over 500 ASTM standards used as the basis or referenced in Chinese National Standards

14 14 Looking Back … (continued) Expanding: 2005 – ASTM cooperates with ASME, API, and CSA America to form consortia and win three-year Commerce Department grant to open CSCA office in Beijing. SAC and CNIS send experts for five week stay at ASTM. ASTM hosts high level delegation from SAC, CNIS and SIS to October Board Meeting in Canada. SAC sends three separate delegations to visit ASTM Headquarters to study ASTM system.

15 15 Looking Back … (continued) 2006 – ASTM staff provide training to over 200 Chinese technical experts on ASTM in Beijing and Shanghai. ASTM hosts three Chinese interns from SIS and CAS. CNIS to create ASTM mini Chinese website. ASTM hires Asia Pacific Sales Agent. ASTM to open and register its own office in Beijing

16 16 External involvements … China-U.S. Standards and Conformity Assessment Workshop in Beijing (August 2004) Plastics Conference in Cheng-Du (September 2004) U.S.-China Standards and Conformity Assessment Workshop in Washington, DC (August 2005)

17 17 External involvements … (continued) CPEIA Seminar on International Market for Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment in Xi an (October 2005) CAS Seminar on Biomass Fuel Technology and Standardization in Shanghai (July 2006) CAS Seminar on Automotive Engine Coolants and Maintenance Stuff Technology and Standardization in Beijing (August 2006)

18 18 Outcomes to date Adoption of more than 500 ASTM standards in China. Chinese ASTM membership more than doubles in recent three years to 210 members (Second fastest growing country membership.) Sales of ASTM publications increase by 60% from 2004 to 2005. Participation in one Chinese Standardization Committee (biomass fuel)

19 19 Challenges in China Legal barriers – China s Laws on Standardization Political barriers – China s government does not consider ASTM standards to be international so that prevents the broader use and application of ASTM standards Cultural and language barriers – China has embraced ISO, IEC, ITU, etc. and lacks understanding and knowledge of ASTM throughout China IPR – how to protect copyright from the adoption and use of ASTM standards Competition – European DIN and BSI to promote European and ISO standardization process in China for many years

20 20 Ways to go in China Promote the relationship with SAC and other government agencies Continue the engagement and education of Chinese members Popularize the internationlisation of ASTM activities by way of seminars, trainings and individual discussions Build new relationships throughout China from the central capital to provinces Lobby on the protection of intellectual property Keep communications with the China Representative Office of other international and foreign standards developers

21 21 Creating Global Awareness of ASTM International Open Houses For National Standards Bodies Latin America and the Caribbean – 2001 Asia Pacific - 2003 Middle East, North Africa and India -2005 Sub Saharan Africa - 2007

22 22 Developing Countries Adopt or adapt standards from the developed world Feel disenfranchised because of lack of influence in content Can be empowered through technology

23 23 MOU Program for Developing Countries Establish Partnership/Promote Communication Utilize Resources of ASTM International to Strengthen National Standards Body Promote greater international input into content of ASTM standards through greater worldwide participation in ASTM standards process

24 24 MOU Program ASTM provides: Free membership to representatives of MOU country on ASTM technical committees Full collection of ASTM standards to the National Standards Body at no charge Business agreement allowing NSB to adopt, photocopy and distribute ASTM standards at low cost Free training on how to participate in ASTM Committees Standards Expert Exchange Program – This year China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Zambia

25 25 MOU Program for Developing Countries National Standards Body Promotes the use of ASTM standards as national standards and for trade Promotes membership in ASTM technical committees Sends annual report on use of ASTM standards

26 26 MOUs Signed with 47 Countries Afghanistan Bolivia Ecuador Bosnia Egypt Bulgaria El Salvador Chile Ethiopia China Guatemala Jamaica Indonesia Colombia Iraq Costa Rica Malaysia Croatia Mauritius Dominica Jordan Kenya Gulf Standards Org. Mongolia Sri Lanka Morocco St. Lucia Nigeria Taiwan Palestine Trinidad and Tobago Panama Turkey Peru Uganda Philippines Uruguay Nicaragua Vietnam Singapore Zambia South Africa Zimbabwe

27 27 Results of MOU Program 3,300 different ASTM standards from 114 ASTM Committees adopted, adapted or referenced by 66 countries ASTM provides training for representatives from 20 counties over the last five years Over 200 technical experts from MOU countries join wide variety of ASTM committees

28 28 Challenge: Greater Global Participation on Technical Committees Greater international input into ASTM standards results in greater international acceptance and use. Most ASTM Committees have less than 15% active international participation. Very few committees have officers from countries outside the US and Canada How can ASTM committees increase international participation?

29 29 Case Studies C09 on Concrete D24 on Carbon Black E 55 on Pharmaceutical Application of Process Analytical Technology F 24 on Amusement Rides and Devices

30 30 Global Participation on ASTM Technical Committees Global Participation Identify and Invite International Trade Associations to Join Identify countries where your committees products are or will soon be manufactured and invite representatives to join Invite representatives from your international branches to join Meet Outside of the United States YOUR THOUGHTS?

31 31 Questions and Comments Thank you for your attendance! Kitty Kono 610-832-9867; Jessica Hychalk 610-832-9693; Todd Sandler 610-832-9731; Liu Fei 86 10 5109-6032 ; fei.liu@csca-

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