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New Activity Development Pat Picariello Nancy Morrissey.

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1 New Activity Development Pat Picariello Nancy Morrissey

2 Focus Identification of new standards development within your industry through exploration of: New management techniques Case study

3 Who Initiates New Activities? Members/Technical Committee Government Agency Trade Association Professional Society Manufacturer Individual

4 New Activity Proposal What factors are driving the request? What is the expected benefit & use of the product? Is time a factor? What expertise is required? What organizations & trade publications are relevant to the activity?

5 New Activity Development Identification of Industry Needs & Use Search for Existing Activities Analyze Interest Evaluate Viability Match ASTM Capabilities with Industry Objectives

6 New Standards Development Activity Identification of Expertise, Leadership, & Related Organizations Hold Appropriate Meetings Follow-up Publicity & Membership Promotion Project Funding & Research Needs (if necessary) Identification of Other ASTM Products

7 Potential Areas for Activity Within Your Industry New Technology & Products Marketplace Issues Regulatory Issues Topics of Controversy Research Sources International Considerations

8 How to Identify New Activity for your Committee Strategic Planning Effective Leadership & Communication Networking Asking Questions Surveys & Other Information Gathering Tools

9 New Approach = New Activity Committee E53 on Property Management Systems

10 Why a Different Approach? Flexibility + Communication = Definitive & Specific Response to Industry Needs

11 Significance Traditional Approach – 1 person identifies an activity that is of interest to them New Approach – an industry identifies an activity that is not only of interest, but is critical to their long-term growth

12 New Approach Identify Need & Usage Establish Goals Tangible vs. Theoretical Identify Tools to Accelerate Development of Information Establish Timeline for Completion

13 Tools to Accelerate Standards Development Forums Group Email Communication Electronic Ballot to Approve Bylaws Electronic Main Committee Ballot

14 Results Deliverable Draft Standards Months vs. Years Information Development Concurrent with Committee Organization Industry Needs Identified & Met within 1 year Product Deliverable to Marketplace Committee E53 Organized & Approved To date, 6 approved standards referenced by federal agencies, stage governments, & private sector stakeholders.

15 Remember This (if nothing else) There are different ways to accomplish a goal Technology is a friend, not an enemy Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

16 Thank you and enjoy the remainder of the 2002 OC

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