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Keep Your Options Open MORE EDUCATION Can Equal MORE INCOME.

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2 Keep Your Options Open


4 Its natural at this age to change your mind often!

5 WHATEVER Here are some general ways you can prepare for WHATEVER the future holds...

6 Take the right courses. Take controllearn to be a good student. Use time outside of school wisely. Start thinking about the future. If college is a goal, learn about financial assistance programs. Get help when you need it.

7 RIGHT COURSES Take the RIGHT COURSES! n 2/3 of 8th graders plan to finish college. n But only 1/3 plan to take college prep courses in high school. n Without college prep courses, YOU CANNOT ENTER COLLEGE.

8 ACT Recommends High School Courses ACT Recommends n English4 years n Mathematics 3 years (algebra and above) n Natural Science3 years (with lab experience) n Social Science3 years n Foreign Language2 years (of the same language) n Othervisual arts, music, theatre, drama, computer science, etc.

9 Good Student Take control Learn to be a Good Student

10 n Sit close to the front of the classroom. n Join in class discussions. n Ask questions. n Keep up with class assignments. n Ask for help when necessary.

11 n Look for ways to sharpen basic skills. n Learn keyboarding. n Learn to take good notes. n Learn to correct/revise written work. n Develop test-taking skills. And...

12 Wisely Use Time Outside of School Wisely!

13 n Develop habits that will lead to success. n Find a quiet place to study. n Plan a daily homework schedule. n Ask family or friends to read your written work.

14 Also... n Use the local library. n Read newspapers and magazines. n Look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary. n Talk with family and friends about career plans.

15 FUTURE Start thinking about the FUTURE

16 When thinking about college... n Make a list of interesting schools and gather information about them. n Register to take the ACT before December of your senior year. n Visit campuses, apply for admission and financial assistance. n Make a college decision.

17 When considering serving in the Armed Forces... n Visit with friends, neighbors, and relatives who have served. n Study military literature and compare training opportunities. n Arrange visits with recruiters. n Compare benefits, tour of duty, training, etc.

18 When considering employment right after high school... n Explore any special abilities and interests. n Study materials about resume writing. n Visit with people working in interesting occupations. n Become familiar with employers in the area. n Learn about vocational/technical programs available in high school.

19 If college is an option… Financial help will be available

20 n Try to save even a small amount each month. n Work hard for good grades/test scores for scholarship consideration. n Learn about the types and sources of financial assistance available. n Attend financial aid programs when offered. n Apply for financial assistance during the junior and senior years.

21 GET HELP GET HELP (and your questions answered) When You Need It

22 There are many agencies, organizations, and individuals who care whether you are successful in school and in life. Use them!

23 Always start with your SCHOOL COUNSELOR !

24 Call This Toll Free Number: n 1-800-USA-LEARN n 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327) U.S. Department of Education Information Services

25 Use the Internet n n n n n

26 Remember! The choices you make now will affect the choices you will have for the rest of your life. Make High School COUNT!

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