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Frighteningly Sane or The first steps to Madness?.

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1 Frighteningly Sane or The first steps to Madness?

2 Research can be defined to be search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts. And to establish facts, one needs Data.

3 Nearly 18,000 journals 600 trade publications 350 book series 3,6 million conference papers 38 million records from 1996 19 million pre-1996 records Results from 435 million scientific web pages 23 million patent records from 5 patent offices Finding Research From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. And to establish facts, one needs Data.

4 Source: on June 3 rd 2010... to scholarly articles and book chapters... Linking Research And to establish facts, one needs Data.

5 Conclusion: You can stand on the shoulders of giants...... but it seems you have to do so without data.

6 Datasets: Scholarly Publishings Lost Sheep?

7 By creating metadata for: Datasets In the same industry standard formats as... Book chapters and Journal articles

8 Authors will be able to cite... Publishers will be able to link... Discovery systems will be able to find... Librarians will be able to catalogue... Datasets alongside published outputs...... to the benefit of Everyone

9 A proposed presentation of a dataset using standard bibliographic and citation metadata. Bibliography of Books that cite this database Citation tool compatible with EndNotes et al Dataset title with ISSN, DOI (& MARC) record

10 And here's how...... it can be done Learn more Green. T, We Need Publishing Standards for Datasets and Data Tables, OECD Publishing White Paper, revised 2010

11 Citing datasets: Frighteningly Sane or the first steps to Madness? wilbankswilbanks:"cite this database" button from the OECD. make it easy to cite, not illegal to copy. frighteningly sane. #NASEJ, Twitter March 24th 2010#NASEJ

12 Same Data: Many renditions Dynamic cube Snapshot in Excel Dynamic visualisationPrint App USB Key

13 3 Citation challenges: 1. Dynamic datasets (where new data is added all the time) 2. Same data, different rendition – i.e. print, App and online 3. The Russian Doll problem

14 Thank you Toby Green Head of Publishing, OECD

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