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H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-071 The Journal Earth System Science Data (ESSD) - peer reviewed publication of data Hans Pfeiffenberger.

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1 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-071 The Journal Earth System Science Data (ESSD) - peer reviewed publication of data Hans Pfeiffenberger Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Helmholtz Association – Bremerhaven, Germany DataCite Workshop, June 2010, Hannover

2 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-072 Agenda Why publish data... and: What is the problem? Developments in the arena of science policy State of the art and missing elements ESSD - Earth System Science Data, a journal A practical contribution to an emerging genre of scholarly communication Aims and scope; structure of articles, review criteria Conclusion

3 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-073 ESF / EuroHORCs European Research Area Vision Publishing data through a peer reviewed journal will help comply with the requirement for quality assured research data WE WON (Didnt we?): Data side by side with output = articles!

4 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-074 Good Scientific Practise – what has changed? ability to produce data – by orders of magnitude ! (tipping point 1980ies, advent of microcomputers?) Bell´s Lab notebook Am Helmholtz-Pendel

5 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-075 Consider Ozone data from satellites: Fusco, L., J. Linford, W.J. Som de Cerff, C. Boone, C. Leroy and M. Petitdidier, Earth Observation Applications Approach to Data and Metadata Deployment on the European DataGrid Testbed Well documented procedures Well defined products Well known instruments ESA / other gov. agencies as stewards => Elaborate infrastructure QA by process!

6 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-076 Consider ground based ozone profiles from Antarctica Ozone soundings (balloon-carried sonde profiles) in the years when the ozone hole first developed balloon data needed for calibration of satellite data and thus, verification of models König-Langlo, G. and Gernandt, H.: Compilation of ozonesonde profiles from the Antarctic Georg-Forster-Station from 1985 to 1992, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 1, 1-5, 2009

7 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-077 The Granularity problem by analogy At the Petascale, where largely homogeneous mounds of data are handled in an industrial fashion, and collated into one super-dataset, comparable to a book holding the work of a (number of) lifetime(s) At and below the Megascale, where large numbers of heterogeneous datasets are handled as in a factory (manufaktur), by a craftsperson or an artisan. They are communicated on demand through mail or via obscure ftp-server, comparable to the letter from scholar to scholar. There is almost no in-between, yet, to handle the bulk of information at the Mega- to Terascale, which would need to be comparable to the system of academic journals for textual information.

8 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-078 Summary - Outlook - Part I ESF:... permanent access to... quality assured research data Aim: Reuse & Reproduce Digital Longterm Preservation Persistent (and Open) Access, Licensing Quality Assessment Data provided and described by researchers Basic and advanced data infrastructure, provided by ??? Data publishingmust provide Required forData publishing

9 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-079 Who is who… Advisory Board: Paul J. Crutzen Sydney Levitus Alexander Petrovich Lisitzin Editors in Chief: David Carlson Hans Pfeiffenberger Publishing House Copernicus Publishers – OA Publisher, EGU Managing Editor Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen

10 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0710 The first paper

11 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0711 Repository Reference

12 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0712 Estimate of Error and Data Provenance

13 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0713 Originality / Uniqueness : Are the data or methods new - i.e., never measured or described before Significance: Is there any potential of the data being useful? - Usefulness - Completeness => Necessary to KEEP THE LEVEL OF NOISE LOW! <= Data Quality The data must be presented easily accessible in a useful format. Accuracy, methods, instrumentation and processing : state of the art Review Guidelines One ozonesonde profile might be enough to calibrate satellite data! We would not publish it, anyway! (Rather, 426 profiles) Usefulness probably too narrow <= wrong Granularity

14 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0714 Todays Data Reuse, Citation and Quality Control Link

15 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0715 Reuse, Citation and Quality Assessment with ESSD

16 H. Pfeiffenberger; DataCite, Hannover, 2010-06-0716 Summary - Outlook : Part II Reward for data publication, by being citable (hopefully, with impact factor) Quality assured data and data documentation facilitate future reuse First articles online – first experiences Special Issue with 20 papers from the CARINA project - oceanic carbon budget - in production Outlook Strong, positive response from scientists with high time budget in data production Development of more specialized manuscript templates and review guidelines for other types of research data

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