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MICS Data Processing Workshop CSPRO Dictionaries.

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1 MICS Data Processing Workshop CSPRO Dictionaries

2 Creating a Dictionary and Form Well now create a dictionary and form to practice using CSPRO We will use an exercise questionnaire IMPORTANT: Youll want to practice working with both dictionaries and forms DO NOT spend too long on either!

3 Creating the Dictionary Select file --> new Select object type data dictionary file Use file name: test Use folder: c:\mics\cspro\test Click next Click yes when asked to create test directory Click finish

4 Dictionary Steps ID variables – rename ID variable to be household number Rename ordinary variable record MOD_INFO Add record MOD_LIST Add variables to the record Add value labels Save and then close your dictionary

5 Creating the Form Select file --> new Select object type form file File name test and folder c:\mics\cspro\test Click next Select test.dcf as your primary dictionary Click next then finish Click no when prompted to create forms automatically

6 Modifying the Forms Drag your ID variables onto the first form Drag your variables onto the form where they belong Rearrange the variables to resemble your questionnaire Add extra text if necessary (e.g., questionnaires title) Save your changes and close your form file

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